Compare “the Gipper” to the “Traitor in Chief”

June 6th a day in 1944 that brought hope to millions who suffered the yoke of Nazi occupation and death especially if you were a Jew or someone who was caught trying to resist.

Here is a great report from ITN which exposes some unusual facts about that very day and the D Day invasion:

One unfortunate fact about June 6th 2014 is that the representative who will be speaking on our behalf in France to commemorate this historic day is one of the greatest traitors America has seen since Benedict Arnold and that is Barrack Hussein Obama.

Instead of watching and suffering the shame of the “Traitor in chief” today on your TV or Computer screen, please watch and listen to a different speech made by a great and patriotic president Ronald Reagan who makes a truly amazing speech on June 6th 1984 at the 40th anniversary of D Day.

Thank you Ronald Reagan

God Bless America, God Save us from the Truly Evil leader we are enduring today.