Muslims just Can’t Quit their Camels

Muslims in the Arabian peninsula are expressing solidarity with their camels amid concerns of a deadly virus traced back to camels on that peninsula. In the video below, camel owners can be seen kissing and caressing their animals without much concern that Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is proving quite deadly and is believed to be a virus transmitted from camels to humans. In the Middle East, as has been reporting for some time now, the consumption of camel urine in the region is considered to be therapeutic.

With the rising death toll caused by MERS, these Arab camel owners may be playing with fire. In this news clip, the reporter runs into several Arabs who are thumbing their noses at MERS and then joins one of them for a warm glass of camel’s milk.

The fact is that MERS is spreading and the evidence it originates with camels is all but irrefutable. While there is still some discussion about how it is transmitted from camel to human, drinking camel urine is not advisable, especially since it’s known that is somewhat of a common practice in the Arabian peninsula. In fact, as reported, there are indeed cases of humans contacting MERS despite never coming into contact with a camel; this may be attributable to the pervasiveness of products that include camel urine, milk, or meat.

h/t BNI


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