Wife raped in front of Husband by Police, Husband Tortured with his Thumb Amputated.

This is the story of Imran Firasat.

Imran was a Muslim who married a Buddhist woman; Muslim men (not women) can marry Jewish or Christian women but not from any other faiths (Jews and Christians are Dhimmi people and they were “tolerated” to a degree). As a result when Imran’s first child, a son was born (their relationship in Pakistan was not sanctioned as they were not married under Sharia law), when in the hospital they could not produce a marriage certificate the trouble for Imran and his family started.

Watch this poweful testimony of not only his courage to push back but his new faith as a Christian, which exposes his story and the cruelty of the “Religion of Peace.”

Imran has shown immense courage and fortitude.

We have just taken on this case but we cannot provide any further details at the moment until we complete our mission. Pray for Imran, his family and that we be wil be successful helping him reunite with his family who are in danger.

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