Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrator Exposes Himself… Again

Being a stealth jihadist, Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator has its perks but one of the drawbacks is constantly fighting back the urge to burst out of your self-imposed cage of deceit. Such is the case of Mohamed Elibiary, amazingly a senior adviser to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), appears to have had one of those moments via twitter.

Elibiary can hardly contain himself over the goings on in Iraq. Like an away fan in the stands of the home team, Elibiary is fighting back the urge cheer as loud as he can but he still can’t help himself. As Iraq descends into a pit of savagery, terrorism, and mass executions at the hands of the same bunch that brought you human slaughterhouses in Syria (ISIS or Da’ish) as first revealed by, Elibiary is salivating at the notion of a Caliphate:

Elibiary: Weak attempt to mask Caliphate advocacy.

Elibiary: Weak attempt to mask Caliphate advocacy.

Obviously lost on Elibiary is that not only is his lack of outrage very telling but his apparent glee at the expense of the victims of barbarism and savagery. There is no difference between the group identified as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Da’ish, which is nothing more than the Arabic acronym for the same group. The Da’ish slaughterhouses in Syria represent a level of barbarism that may surpass that of the holocaust when it comes to sheer brutality.

The pervasiveness of Elibiary’s thinking in the U.S. Government continues to be overlooked. It is the influence of stealth jihadists like him who have helped to shape the Obama administration policy in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Congressmen like Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) who attempted to call attention to this level of infiltration two years ago were marginalized and rebuked by their own party. These congressmen sent five letters to five separate Inspectors General, warning each of them of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. In one letter – to DHS IG Charles K. Edwards, Elibiary was mentioned by name, in his capacity as a member of the DHS Advisory Committee’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group. He was identified along with seven other CVE members as having “sympathy for Islamist causes”.

Later in the letter, Elibiary was singled out for actions that should have prevented him from continuing in his role with DHS:

The providing of a security clearance to Mohamed Elibiary and whether proper lawful vetting was done before providing such clearance. This is especially true in view of the report that Mr. Elibiary used his clearance to gain access to classified documents which he downloaded and then provided to media outlets in an effort to portray the Texas Department of Public Safety as “Islamophobic.”

Below is Rep. Gohmert at two separate House Judiciary Committee hearings with then DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano little less than one year before he Bachmann, and others sent the letter to IG Edwards and Napolitano, who was cc’d and then in 2012, about one month after those letters were sent. Napolitano clearly defended Elibiary and other stealth Muslim Brotherhood jihadists in these exchanges:

This week, Elibiary’s exuberance for a “Caliphate” is getting no backlash to speak of from the likes of Republican politicians like John McCain and Ed Rollins who excoriated Bachmann for issuing similar warnings in one of the letters, about Huma Abedin. The source of the painful truth was the enemy of peaceful denials.

The lack of outrage from politicians in response to Elibiary’s actions when contrasted with their expressed outrage at Bachmann, Gohmert, et. al. for calling attention to such behaviors speaks volumes.

Elibiary (2nd from left): Eager for return of Caliphate.

Elibiary (2nd from left): Eager for return of Caliphate.


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