Apartment Manager Dhimmi orders man to take down U.S. Flag because it’s a Threat to Muslims

Duy Tran is a new resident at the Lodge on El Dorado apartment complex near Houston, TX. Shortly after moving in recently, he was told he had to take down his U.S. flag, which he had displayed on his balcony. The reason given was that the flag represented a “threat” to the Muslim community. Obviously lost on the manager of the apartment complex is that Islam is a threat to her and going dhimmi does not work.

Dhimmi in Houston

Dhimmi in Houston

Fortunately, a local television news reporter for KHOU 11 confronted the apartment manager, who proceeded to run away after handing the reporter a handwritten statement and refusing to comment.

Here is how the statement read:

“While the Lodge on El Dorado admires our resident’s patriotism, we must enforce our property rules and guidelines. Such guidelines maintain the aesthetics of our apartment community and provide for the safety of all residents. The apartment community already proudly displays our country’s flag in a safe and appropriate manner at the entrances to our community.”

Note the implication: displaying an American flag is a safety issue because Muslims might take offense. As we have reported on before at Shoebat.com, the first amendment is under assault by much of the Muslim community and this apartment complex is revealing a level of cowardice that would make the cowardly lion blush.

This is certainly the kind of thing that the “Istanbul Process” was intended to help foster.

America can certainly use more journalism like this. Apartment managers like the one featured in this news report might start thinking twice before demanding residents take down their American flags (h/t BNI).


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