Iraq Is Collapsing And The Antichrist’s Iranian-Turkish SINISTER Plan Is Unfolding Right Before Our Eyes

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the U.S. of the risks of launching air strikes against the ISIS in Iraq claiming concern about the fate of dozens of Turkish citizens captured last week by the ISIS. But all this is a ruse; Turkey cares less about the dozens of captured Turkish citizens when it was Turkey who aided the ISIS in the first place.

The whole fiasco is a master plan with Turkey working alongside Iran to divide the region.

First of all, the evidence to use the ISIS for such sinister plans was revealed during the Turkish incursions into Syria when an anonymous YouTube account presented a recording of intelligence of the top movers and shakers in Turkey; chief Hakan Fidan discussing with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Deputy Chief of Staff Yasar Guler and other officials a possible military operation against Syria and, if needed, creating a staged terror attack, in coordination between Turkish intelligence and the very ISIS terrorists who invaded Iraq. In Syria, such coordinated plan between the ISIS and Turkey was to destroy a Turkish historic monument the Suleiman Shah burial place to create an excuse and spark a war in Syria.

Why isn’t it then plausible to do the same in Iraq, especially since the leopard (Turkey) can never change its spots?

Turkey was willing to cooperate with the ISIS and blow up Suleiman Shah’s burial place while not giving a damn about the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and now Erdogan is supposed to give a damn about a few Turks captured by the ISIS, the very organization Erdogan collaborated with and trained in the first place?

Also, months ago we obtained sources on the Turkish ground that new training centers have been established in Ghazi Adab, Antioch and Ophra in Turkey prior to attacks on the coastal area on the Mediterranean in northern Syria.

Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish newspaper columnist wrote, “Turkey’s support was vital for the jihadists [ISIS] in getting in and out of the country.” The Turks offered the bulk of ISIS’s funding, arming and training, that alongside funding by Saudi Wahhabis and by Kuwaiti oligarchs.

We have seen on March 21 when the Turkish army launched itself into Syria using terrorist groups as like the ISIS as infantry. The goal is to capture areas of the Syrian coast, and to threaten Latakia and the ancient Armenian veterans in Kessab suddenly turned into refugees.

And then we come head-on with Iran’s very strange posture. We have also seen when Syria asked for a political stand by Iran demanding they openly condemn Turkey for its incursion into Syria. Yet, Iran was completely silent.

Why would Iran take a neutral stand with its favorite Shiite ally, Bashar Al-Assad. That development should be deafening any analyst, unless of course, there is a bigger, more sinister plan. Iran’s excuse not to help its most favored Shiite partner Bashar al-Assad was that this would ‘threaten Iran’s private diplomatic efforts’?

Turkey is still taking advantage of such silent support, not only from Iran, but also its NATO allies. Turkey continues to organize and support bands of terrorists from Chechens, Turkmenis and other factions to coordinate military offensive operations against the Syrian army on several fronts in Aleppo under the mission title of “Amputating the Unbelievers”.

So why is Turkey doing this? It is interested in Syria and other Sunni nations to form its Sunni Axis, while Iran is interested in Iraq to form its Shiite Axis.

So who aided that little pawn called ISIS in all this?


And Turkey will sacrifice this little pawn in order to consume much flesh.

The evidence is overwhelming. Turkey even aided the ISIS in the northeastern parts of Syria when terrorists like the ISIS continue to organize the theft of oil to be shipped towards Turkey and sold cheaply which funded over $800 million to terrorists including the ISIS; all this banditry under the guise of a European’s decision to allow for the “Syrian opposition” to export stolen oil.

The evidence is even bolstered when then we had Iran’s Hassan Rouhani’s surprising visit to Ankara, which is no coincidence. As soon as this visit took place the ISIS was on the move into Iraq, and Iran never blamed Turkey for aiding the ISIS, instead moved into Iraq asking the U.S. to give the green light to clean Iraq from the ISIS.

Iran’s visit to Turkey during June 9-10 was all about deceit while dubbing it as “boosting economic ties” which was simply a cover. When ISIS raided Turkey’s Mosul consulate and took 49 hostages, including the consul general, it was not only a plan to push Ankara and Tehran closer politically, but it mimics the similar concocted plan that was exposed when Erdoğan’s government was planning a false flag attack to be executed by the ISIS against the tomb of Suleiman Shah in Syria as to justify the intervention of the Turkish army in Syria, therefore making an excuse to invade Syria.

It all makes sense and has the trademark of a neo-Ottoman conspiracy. If Turkey’s plans were proven from the leaked recording of the top full birds of Turkey regarding Syria, is no conspiracy theory, we can then conclude that the invasion of Iraq by the ISIS is a plausible Turkish or even Iranian-Turkish plan.

Then we had the players saying the type of rhetoric that tickles western ears when President Hassan Rouhani convened an emergency meeting of the country’s National Security Council to say this:

“We, as the Islamic Republic of Iran, will not tolerate this violence and terrorism … We will fight and battle violence and extremism and terrorism in the region and the world.”

Iran, the terrorist state wants to all of the sudden battle “violence and extremism and terrorism”?

And if this all sounds like conspiracy theory, we have all of the sudden, Iran, the terrorist state aiding the West to eliminate terrorism, even asking the U.S. to give the green light?

Turkey wants Syria and Iran wants Iraq. Turkey wants the end of the Assad regime in Damascus and Rojava’s Kurdish state, which is emerging in the northeast.

Middle East analysts are puzzled how to digest all this. Daniel Pipes, for example, wrongly concluded that this fiasco “brings the clash of the Middle East’s two titans, Turkey and Iran, closer to realization.”

This is a false conclusion; Pipes should read his Jewish Bible. Iran will ally with Turkey and not war with it. These analysts need to comprehend that many in Iran and the Caucasus are of Azeri Turkish heritage. This ethnic affiliation is crucial to comprehend a Shiite-Sunni alliance between Turkey with Iran and other Muslim states, which is sparking an Islamic unification including all the way to the Caucasus.

Why else would Iran’s Hassan Rouhani on April 9th officially welcome his visiting Azeri counterpart from Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev to sign several agreements on Tehran-Baku trade and economic cooperation. Iran has 35 million people of Turkish ethnic origin who make up the majority in Iran — nearly half of the Iranian population.

Azeri Turks in Iran tend to wander away from Shia belief, seeing it as a major part of the assimilation process Azeri Turks are subjected to in Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei (the current Supreme Leader) himself is Azeri Turk on his father’s side.

The events and the statements issued by both Iran and Turkey shows the setting up of a sinister plan. Is it a coincidence that Rouhani is the first Iranian president to visit Turkey in 18 years? Isn’t it logical that Iran postponing such visit 3 times in the past since such negotiations were taking place behind closed doors in order to iron out many details?

Then to start belaboring statements that the two countries were determined to combat “extremism” and “terrorism” with a view toward showing the face of true ‘peaceful’ Islam to the world? It is by peace they deceive.

“The two countries are determined to increase cooperation in this area and to do what they can to increase security and stability in the region,” said Rouhani during his visit.

If such cooperation to combat terrorism is true, why then did Turkey train the ISIS?

This is the oldest Middle Eastern trick in the book, that of playing good-cop vs. bad-cop. The Middle East is a region that while it is plagued with Zionist and western conspiracy theories, the masses there live unaware of the real hidden conspiracies. The west on the other hand has an understanding of the Middle East that is mediocre, that it’s all about the economies and such, is no match for centuries of Islamic deception that is always attempting to re-emerge and re-establish the Caliphate. Turkey knows how the American mindset functions and such a plan will have Tehran and Washington further try to overcome their ingrained mutual suspicion to resolve their deep differences.

When it comes to Iraq, the U.S. is caught between a rock and a hard place; both Iran and Turkey know that the U.S. working with Iran is a flawed strategy that would alarm Sunnis and alienate U.S. allies in the Gulf. Turkey and Iran knows this and plays the cards well keeping the U.S. in checkmate. The United States thinks, as it seems, that it will preserve its core interests by working in conjunction with the Kurds since Iraqi Kurdistan is believed, in the meantime, to be pro-Western, secular, and democratic and has a proven track record of security and economic cooperation with the West, that of course, if either Iran or Turkey will spare it.

Regardless how the coming days and weeks unfold with international responses to the military advances by the ISIS and its affiliates in Iraq and northern Syria take shape, one thing is certain; Erdogan’s efforts to forge an alliance with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar — which have been referred to as the “Sunni axis” — against the Assad regime had temporarily failed and is therefore poised to advance militarily in the coming years on Syria, Egypt and even into North Africa. This will be Turkey’s Sunni Axis, while Iran controls Iraq and works with other Shiite nations creating its Shiite-Axis.

The analysts are wrong when they think that Turkey’s influence is diminishing. We have accurately pinpointed and predicted Erdogan’s triumphs for years and even sat with analysts like Daniel Pipes a decade or so ago reminding him that the AK Party of Turkey will play a key role and that he needs to study Ezekiel instead of the New York Times.

Today Erdogan and Davutoglu are setting up the game. When western analysts think that “Turkey being the principal game-setter in the Middle East is no more”, it’s an utterly false premise. While it acts as playing the defensive role, cooperating with countries that have much more regional influence than it does, and at the same time it works with Iran, while Iran clearly becomes its partner in crime.

Both beasts, Iran and Turkey are setting up the stage to consume much flesh.

If Erdogan is indeed combating terrorism, the writing on the wall says otherwise. Why else would Erdogan object to the Egyptian presidential elections, stating that the Muslim Brotherhood not being allowed to contest, was “not democratic”? The Muslim Brotherhood is not gone and will advance back into Egypt and this time with the help of the leopard (Turkey) while Iran (the bear) moves in on the injured for the kill (Iraq).

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