Another Congressman Acknowledges our Claims about Malik Obama are “All True”

A regular reader and commenter at informed us that he attended the South Carolina Tea Party this past January to seek out Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) specifically. He did this after seeing how Gohmert grilled former FBI Director Robert Mueller about the Boston Marathon bombings.

Gohmert on our Malik Obama findings: "All true".

Gohmert on our Malik Obama findings: “All true”.

Here is what our reader told us about his brief conversation with Gohmert:

“I waited until he (Gohmert) was away from the mob and asked him if he knew who Walid Shoebat is and he said ‘yes’, so I asked about Malik getting the 501(c)(3) status by Lois Lerner retroactive 38 months, and he said ‘It’s all true and she should be charged and prosecuted’. Then he said they are doing worse.”

There you have it. Another U.S. Congressman concedes that our claims about Lerner and Malik Obama’s 501(c)(3) tax exempt status are accurate. Last August 29th, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) said the claims against Lerner and Malik are “spot on”. He has never publicly acknowledged the scandal again and when given the opportunity to confront IRS Commissioner at a House Ways and Means committee hearing on June 20th, Kelly whiffed.

Again, here is Rep. Kelly on August 29, 2013, saying that the claims against Malik Obama and Lois Lerner are “spot on”:

In light of the absurd claims by the Obama administration that the IRS “lost” Lerner’s emails, it’s obvious that Obama is throwing the kitchen sink at Republicans and conservatives. It’s also becoming obvious that unless the Republicans do something, Lois Lerner will not talk. Raising the specter of her being an accessory to terror funding could CHANGE ALL OF THAT.

THAT charge would be put squarely in the court of public opinion and Lois wouldn’t fare well.

Cleta Mitchell’s office was also been brought fully up to speed on these details last February. Mitchell is representing Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, a conservative group that was targeted by Lois Lerner and the IRS. Here is what we wrote at the time:

The inability or unwillingness of Mitchell to see these realities may extend to the tax-exempt status received by Malik Obama’s foundation. We have provided Mitchell’s office with our work on this matter and walked them through many of the details. Contrasting the treatment received by the President’s brother with that received by Engelbrecht provides an excellent opportunity for Mitchell to go on offense for her client. Then again, if she cannot acknowledge the uncomfortable yet simple truths about Norquist and Khan, it’s quite possible she’ll stand down. Unfortunately, it’s her client who would suffer in that case.

Mitchell has chosen to remain silent. In legal parlance, it’s close to withholding evidence. At best, it’s withholding evidence that would help your client go on offense.

Instead of responding by publicly bringing up the Malik Obama angle to the IRS – or even privately threatening to do so – Republicans are choosing to use spit balls as a defense against kitchen sinks.

The exchange between Gohmert and FBI Director Mueller that our reader was referring to is below. The most amazing aspect comes at the end when Mueller says he did not know the mosque attended by the Tsarnaev brothers was founded by a terrorist Mueller’s FBI helped put away in 2004:


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