Reagan Vs Obama, Valiant Vs Shameful

This is Ronald Reagan saying good bye in his farewell speech from the Oval office at the end of his presidency – reviewing in general his accomplishments and what it is to be an American.

Just contrast the eight years of President Reagan which came after a far worse recession under President Carter and the nearly six years of Obama after the recession of 2008 as well as the foreign policy successes and failures of the two presidencies.

Reagan stood for principals of a sound conservative agenda, without apology. He also had to deal with a biased media without the internet or talk radio to help him. The obstacles to stand for the right agenda that faces Conservatives today is little different from that of Reagan’s era.

Reagan gives us the formula to win and how to lead and deliver the message. We await for a new Conservative leader who understands what it is to be a proud American, that can rally the nation past this shameful period in our history.