Bill O’Reilly and Martha MacCallum Ignore Huma Abedin while Defending Hillary Clinton as Victim of Ambush

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly likes to tell people not to be a popinjay. If you don’t know what that word means, the definition is: a person given to vain, pretentious displays and empty chatter. When O’Reilly was joined by Martha MacCallum, both displayed some empty chatter of their own.

Earlier this month, Jason Mattera confronted Hillary Clinton on the streets of Washington, DC and asked her to sign a copy of her book to Christopher Stevens. It was all caught on video, as relayed by Last night, O’Reilly took issue with what Mattera did and perhaps more disappointing, the normally reasonable MacCallum agreed with him.

Hillary and Huma (red dress) in Mattera video.

Hillary and Huma (red dress) in Mattera video.

Both O’Reilly and MacCallum completely avoided the elephant in the room or – in this case – the elephant on the street with Hillary, Huma Abedin.

By criticizing Mattera in this one exchange, O’Reilly and MacCallum officially gave him more negative press than either has given to close Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin, whose ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have been ignored by both of these Fox News pundits. first reported on Abedin’s irrefutable familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood back in June of 2011, more than three years ago. In fact, when Abedin’s husband – Anthony Weiner – was caught in his first ‘sexting’ scandal, the media – to include O’Reilly himself – irresponsibly covered that story extensively while ignoring connections Abedin has through her family that should have precluded her from every sniffing the security clearance she had during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

To underscore how derelict O’Reilly was at the time – and continues to be when it comes to Abedin – he alleged that Weiner’s ‘sexting’ exploits constituted a national security issue while completely ignoring the national security issue posed by Weiner’s wife. No, really:

O’Reilly’s criticism of Mattera is in line with how the former likes to portray himself as being ‘above the fray’ so that he can paint both sides of the ideological spectrum as extremists. A problem with that strategy is that it can cause a ‘journalist’ to be derelict.

It comes across as a self-serving attempt to score points with the left by attacking Mattera. It also comes across intellectually dishonest to do so while ignoring Muslim Brotherhood infiltration.

The evidence against Abedin is simply overwhelming and after three years, there is simply no excuse for O’Reilly to avoid it. Yet, instead of digging into why Abedin is still associated with Hillary, how she was able to receive a security clearance, and what dangers could befall the country if Abedin becomes Hillary’s version of Valerie Jarrett if elected in 2016, O’Reilly… attacks… Mattera??

That’s not ‘looking out for the folks’… at all.


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