Congressman HUGS IRS Commissioner instead of asking him about Malik Obama and Lois Lerner

It was brought to our attention that at the June 20th House Ways and Means Committee hearing last week, Rep. Mike Kelly hugged IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. We didn’t see video footage of it until it played as B-roll during a Fox News segment on the Kelly File last night as Megyn Kelly was interviewing Rep. Darrell Issa.

Kelly: Hugs IRS Commissioner, ignores Malik Obama scandal he says is "spot on".

Kelly: Hugs IRS Commissioner, ignores Malik Obama scandal he says is “spot on”.

To be clear, there is no charge here against cordial behavior or the formal exchange of niceties. The issue is that Rep. Kelly has already gone on record as publicly stating that our claims against Lois Lerner and Malik Obama are “spot on”. That was nearly a year ago. Kelly should have been chomping at the bit to demand some answers. At minimum, he should have introduced it into the public discourse.

Instead, he expressed perhaps more affinity for Koskinen than any other member of Congress did.

It’d be one thing if Kelly hugged Koskinen right before lowering the boom with questions about Lerner being implicated as an accessory to terror funding but in addition to the hug, Kelly gave Koskinen a free pass, as explained in detail at Simply introducing the Malik Obama angle to the IRS scandal at a hearing would cause a tremendous stir in the media and place it squarely in the court of public opinion because of just how explosive it is.

Kelly thought it best to hug it out with Koskinen.

The video is cued up at the right spot at around the 1:00 mark.

If you’d like to view the entire interview, click here.

At issue in the exchange between Kelly and Oversight Committee chairman Issa was the need for a special prosecutor. Issa even concedes that Holder is not going to prosecute Lerner or anyone else over the IRS scandal. The one remedy that was not discussed is on that Speaker John Boehner has at his disposal.

There is a provision in the U.S. Constitution that allows for the Speaker of the House to order the Sergeant at Arms to arrest an individual who is found in contempt of Congress and is not a member of Congress, as relayed by Lois Lerner meets both requirements. Yet, Boehner has told the world that he will not do so. He also said it’s a provision that’s “never been used”.

Here is Boehner telling Maria Bartiromo that he will not arrest Lerner:

Well, since the video has been pulled down, here’s the audio:

That’s a lie, as was demonstrated here.

Besides, last year, Boehner demanded that someone go to jail:

There’s another figure who is not a member of Congress who has been held in contempt of Congress – Eric Holder. If Boehner were serious, he could demand that Holder prosecute Lerner and that if he doesn’t, Lerner will be arrested by the Sergeant at Arms. Boehner could also threaten Holder with taking the Malik Obama scandal public.

If Holder doesn’t comply then, Boehner can have him arrested.

Instead, what’s Boehner doing?

Suing Barack Obama.

Also in the Kelly File, Andrew McCarthy referred to that idea as “feckless”.

Here is Kelly last year, twice referring to the claims against Lerner and Malik Obama as “spot on”:


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