Muslims Take Hundreds Of Underage Christian Girls, Film Themselves Brutally Gang Raping Them Over And Over Again, And Then Butcher Them. One Christian Girl Curls Into A Ball And Begs For Mercy

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nigeria kidnapped 250 underage Christian girls, and brutally gang raped them over and over again before butchering them. One Christian girl curled up into a ball and begged for mercy. The Muslims got all of this on film, to boastfully record their own evils.

Senator Zanna, representing Born Central Senatorial District, saw the film and recounted the terrifying memory:

Actually the information I’m getting, some of them are very disturbing. Although I don’t want to mention but they are just raping the girls on camera and even showing them on video, releasing it to the public… Somebody told me that they were shown being raped, and in turn, it is the girl who was raped that came out kneeling down and begging the man to be patient. Do you know the reason why? They said when they rape them they shoot them. Therefore the girl after being raped, she curled down to the man, kneeling down and begging him to please be patient. So disturbing

The girls were also forcefully married off to Muslim men infected with syphilis, gonorrhoea and staphylococcus. Pregnant Christian women were also slaughtered by these worthless devils who are worthy of death. More details of this demonic and hellish crime comes from a Nigerian report that states:

Initially these girls were abducted to be used as sex slaves because they are Christians and in the name of Allah. Boko Haram avoided all Muslim dominated schools and targeted Chibok to kidnap and rape innocent ‘infidel’ Christians. Later they were married to some old men with syphilis, gonorrhoea and staphylococcus in the name of Allah. A man whose age was past sixty was captured by Civilian JTF in Borno in May and he confessed that he has married two of the girls. Obviously, with his capture, the two girls would be rotated to other sex starved insurgents all in the name of Allah. Later they were forced to convert to Islam and now they are being raped and killed.

The latest news from sources within CAN and others claimed that insurgents who couldn’t share in the Chibok girls wife spoils have convinced the leadership of Boko Haram to bring out the girls for serial raping and execution. Senator Zanna confirmed that one of the girls so raped was begging her rapists to be patient for her to recover from the just concluded rape and surrender willingly for another round for fear of being shot like others. This is the level of atrocities being committed in the name of Allah and yet the Muslim communities in Nigeria have not deemed it fit to fight these murderers and protect the name of Allah from being desecrated. Adherents of this religion of peace have not deemed it fit to enforce the peace in their faith by declaring all out war against these Boko Haram members whose activities are inimical to the peaceful co-existence of Nigeria.


Abducting, serially raping and now mercilessly shooting some forcefully impregnated Christian girls in the name of Allah is a time bomb that will consume both the sponsors of Boko Haram and all the persons who through acts of commission or omission aided the spread of this wickedness

Prophets of Baal must be destroyed if we are going to prevent this sort of violence from being inflicted on more Christians.



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