The Greatest Enslavement Of Christians Is Happening Right Now

By Theodore Shoebat

The greatest enslavement of Christians is happening right now, as we speak. Its happening in Egypt, in Syria, in Iraq. But most of all, its happening in Pakistan, where literally tens of thousands of Christians are forced into slavery to work in brick kilns and other brutal and cruel slave fields.

A Christian family was kept hostage by Muslims in Pakistan and were made to live as slaves for years, until June of this year when our team rescued them and brought to liberation.

The husband, Saleem Masih, did a video interview in which he described how Rescue Christians literally rescued them from slavery:

I received a call from Rescue Christians on the 28th [of June] that they have final the plan of my escape, they told me that they will pick me and my family up at mid night from the nearby field, and on June 30th at midnight we left the home and hid in the nearby field. At 2 O’clock Ejaz Bhai came picked us up on the vehicle and rescued us. Now me and my family are in a safe place. By the help of Rescue Christians they took us from hell, we are thankful to them.

They are actually tens of thousands of Christian families living in slavery right now in Pakistan. We must rescue all of them and bring them to liberation. Will you help us?


Here is a video interview that was done by Rescue Christians of Saleem and his wife:

Our Pakistani contact described the type of slavery the Masih was in, and how the rescue mission took place:

A Christian named Saleem Masih and his wife Shazia Saleem along with three Children were rescued by Rescue Christians a few days ago.

In 2008, Saleem was working in Ahmed Hassan Textile mill Multan, which he left beacsue of his poor parents were sick. And went back to his home town Chak 4/MR Makhdoom Abad Vehari. He was searching for a job meanwhile his parents got sick and Saleem requested a favor to Kiln owner Khalid Cheema for work and a loan.

Khalid Cheema gave him 30,000 for the treatment of his family and asked him to work on his Kiln. Saleem started working at the Kiln; he never knew that what was going to happen next. After a year he was told that his loan is 50,000 as he was not paying the interest of the loan. He was also forced to bring his family in the Kiln.

When he resisted, he was tortured and harassed. His loan was increased when he was not able to pay off the loan. Due to the sickness of his parents all his income was used in medicines every month and he was compelled to take more loans for the survival of his family.

Both the husband and wife work 14 hours a day but its hard to pay loan. Once they escaped from the Kiln but were caught by Khalid Cheema and his associates. And even he registered a First Information Report (FIR) against him in the Police station that he had stolen money from his house.

Police arrested him and he spent three days in the police lock up, afterwards Khalid himself released him from the police, and told him that now you cannot run anywhere if you ever tried we will fix you in more fake cases.

In six years Saleem’s loan jumped upto 290,000 which included the false stolen money. This was the trick of Cheema to keep him in the Kiln as a slave. The family could not go anywhere as they were bound to remain in the premises. They even were not allowed to attend the church or any event outside.

Saleem along with his family were living a life of a slave. On the 23rd of June, our team met with Saleem and he requested us for help. We promised him that we will do our best to release him from the captivity of a landlord.

After finalizing the plan our team contacted Saleem to get ready, that we are arranging your escape from the Kiln. On the night of June 30th our team reached the nearby place of the kiln and called Saleem to bring his family one by one, which he did and when his family set in, the vehicle moved to the highway and within few minutes they were out of the city.

Like Saleem there are many others who are living as slaves in Islamic republic of Pakistan. However there is a law against the slavery but Pakistan is the third country of the world where deprived communities are used as slaves.




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