Muslim Families Arrange Rape Sessions For Their Children, And Sell Their Organs For Money

By Theodore Shoebat

The vicious wind of poverty has struck the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled from their war torn nation into Lebanon. Many Muslim families have resorted to the unthinkable: gaining money by allowing pedophiles to rape their children.

Who is helping the victims of this sort of cruelty and evil? Not Muslims, but Christian missionaries who house and help the children in their Home of Hope center. A man named Tabarani helps manage the center and had this to say as to the rape sessions, and also as to how Muslim parents are using their children to sell their organs:

Because of the poverty, and uneducated families, [Syrians] will do anything to survive and make money… So you will see we have rape cases arranged by the family, like pedophilia. Some kids were raised to be organ donors by their families, as if they are spare parts. There are also many prostitution rings because of the Syrian crisis. There’s a lot of desperation.

One boy at the Home of Hope center, Jamal, was sleeping in the streets when a man tried to rape him. He fought off the rapists and now lives under the care of the missionaries. He said:

I would always get into fights… People would curse at me or hit me. My left arm was injured when I fought with another kid about who would get to sell roses first to a group of people. He pulled out a razor blade and slashed my arm.

Jamal has decided to remain with the missionaries since they take care of him, thus showing what great love Christians show these poor banished children of Eve:

I like it here… If I wanted to leave I could have. I’m studying here, and I have a place to sleep. When I sleep on the streets in Beirut, I don’t know people. I can defend myself, but I feel better here.

The children sing Christian songs at the center, such as:

He came to save us, to show the way, even if our feet may stray, your soul is in us and around us

The missionary center thankfully does not provide the children with Koran, and Christianity is taught to them. Jamal, even though he was born Muslim, does not know what exactly his religious convictions will be eventually:

I’m a Muslim, but I’ve never learned anything about Islam,” he said. “So I don’t know how it will turn out.

Lets pray that Jamal realizes the Truth of Christ.



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