Watch Amazing Video of ISIS Terrorist Showing Their New Air Force Jet Fighter “We Are Coming to You with Jet Fighters”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

ISIS released a video showing terrorists finagling and getting acquainted with a captured jet fighter:

“We will come to you with an air force” says one terrorist as others were conversing in Russian as they viewed the cockpit.

Despite no record of current ‘airplane’ assets in their annual reports, ISIS now has proven it has at least one jet fighter and has begun detaining and forcing Syrian pilots to train ISIS fighters to fly as pilots (and their planes and helicopters) were abducted when the terrorist group gained control of Tabqa military base.

The final message was a threat to Putin: “We will be coming to you to by sending to you what you brought to us and we will liberate Chechnya and the Gogaz by Allah’s will. Just watch how we liberated one area after the other. We are coming for you”.