An ISIS Escapee Tells of The Horrors of Mass Rape in one Concentration Camp (Video Testimony)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)


The translation above says “We asked: what are you going to do with the three underage girls? The Sheikh answered saying “He will rape them and do whatever he wants and then he will sell them in the marketplace and then come back for three more”.

The testimony given by a Yezidi girl who escaped an ISIS concentration camp tells her horrific story to Middle Eastern TV Roaya which obtained, telling what she witnessed of nothing but sheer unimaginable horror.

“I am a Yezidi girl from the village of Koja in Sinjar” she tells Roaya.

We translated snippets:

“Become Muslim and no harm will be done to you” says the girl (3:00).

“They told the chief of the village “convert to Islam and no harm will be done to you and we will marry your girls”. (1:18)

In Kojo, it was either rape by marriage or without it.

“They took us to the empty school and separated us from our men. Women where upstairs and men downstairs”. (1:40)

“Then they executed the men” (1:53)

“Then they took us to Solakh Institute, an uncompleted building and put all the women and children”. (2:04)

“Then they separated us from the older women who they sent to the main yard, the married women to the upper floor and the young girls to the backyard area”. (2:12)

“At 11:38 AM I was loaded with 150 girls onto 4 trucks from Sinjar to Tal’afar” (2:19)

“They were touching us all over in the truck” (2:32)

“It didn’t do any good if we screamed or remained quite” (2:36)

“We tried to fight back but it did not do any good” (2:40)

“We arrived at a huge concentration camp in which there we saw that the women were collected from several villages … there were girls from the village of Hirdan, Sunun and Tal-Aziz” (2:48-2:55)

“Their “prince”, “the Sheikh”, came and took 3 girls that night” (2:59)

“We asked: what are you going to do with the three underage girls? The Sheikh answered saying “He will rape them and do whatever he wants and then he will sell them in the marketplace and then come back for three more”. (3:08)

“They took 63 of us to another center” (3:29)

“At midnight, every night they came and grabbed more girls, preferably the pretty ones, especially ones with lighter complexion, they just came and took them away, they scream or don’t scream, it made no difference, they took them by force” (3:32-3:41)

“At noon some day, they came for me” (3:49)

“he tried but I fought back and resisted to the point that I finally was able to turn him off” (3:51)

“I remained 9 days at the concentration camp” (4:00)

“In one noon, the guards were slacking off and at 12:30 I decided to sneak through and escaped” (4:13)

“They were selling the non-Yezidi girls [Shiite/Christian] for $800-$1000 but the Yezidi they considered cheaper and were going for $500”.

Then she breaks weeping. (4:25)

Throughout Middle Eastern media (here, here, here, here, here, here …)

countless Arabic websites and newspapers reported the story as “The Prince of ISIS Copulates with Three Girls Per Day”. Nearly all reported it as the sexual ability and appetite to do more than one girl per night. There was nothing about the mass rape.

Islam is sick and anyone who says otherwise is also sick, (This is not limited to Obama, but anyone on the right, left and center) who after studying the matter of sex and Islam would still insist that its a peace loving religion, is sick.

According to Islam’s most trusted and traditional sources, Muhammad used to visit and have sex with his nine wives in a single hour (other accounts indicate 11 wives in a single hour). This averages to about six minutes per wife (not counting traveling time from tent to tent). When one of Muhammad’s companions wondered at the prophet’s superhuman feats of libido and speed, another companion, the famous Anas, responded that the prophet had the potency of 40 men.

This account was deemed authentic enough to include in Sahih Bukhari—the most canonical hadith collection, second in authority only to the Quran itself—meaning that mainstream Islam accepts it as fact.

But alas, the matter doesn’t just end there.

Another, more fabulous, account says that Muhammad had the strength of 400 “heavenly men”—each of whom are said to have the strength of 100 mortal men. Strength for what, you ask? In thewords of Islam’s prophet, “a [heavenly] man will be given the strength of a hundred men to eat, drink, feel desire [i.e., libido], and have sexual intercourse.”

Thus, according to Islam, when he was alive on earth, Muhammad had the sexual lust and potency of 400 “heavenly men,” which is equivalent to 4,000 mortal men.

And that is all that counted for this sick Arabic media that reported the story.

And thats all I have to say about that.

Walid Shoebat,