Antichrist Turkey Set To Invade Syria and Iraq

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

The stage for Turkey’s invasion of Syria and Iraq has been set as predicted when the Turkish parliament voted Thursday to authorize its military to join the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), adding another prominent Muslim country to the U.S.-led coalition and the West is elated and excited.

Turkish lawmakers approved action in a 298-98 vote, CNN reported. While the country had previously pledged to join the coalition, it has not yet conducted any military actions.

The plan reportedly allows the Turkish military to enter both Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS and would allow coalition troops to travel through Turkey.

And the media is excited “The addition of NATO’s second biggest army is a boon to the U.S.-led coalition effort.”

It was the the U.S. which had pressed Turkey to join the coalition, but the country was supposedly reluctant.

Britain, France, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain have all joined the U.S. in launching airstrikes against ISIS. A number of other countries have also committed military resources.

The U.S. hopes to use airstrikes to support Syrian-opposition and Kurdish Peshmerga forces on the ground to ultimately destroy ISIS.

Turkey claims that its shift comes as ISIS advance on an important historic site in Turkey: the tomb of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of Osman I, who founded the Ottoman Empire.

While the tomb is actually in Syria, it’s considered Turkish territory. ISIS has destroyed religious and historical monuments in the past, including Shia mosques. The group’s recent advances toward the tomb have worried Turkey’s leaders, so they claim.

But what is the endgame? What we should ask is this: why would Turkey allow the pawn it created and aided to be sacrificed in the end? Turkey created ISIS. There were multiple reports that numerous radical groups, including ISIS, have been freely operating on the Turkish side of the border, turning towns and refugee camps into strategic hubs to organize and initiate offensives in Syria. Human Rights Watch’s report holds that the members of ISIS and other radical Sunni groups responsible for the massacres of Alawite villagers in Syria ‘smuggle their weapons and obtain money and other supplies’ from Turkey and even ‘retreat [back to Turkey] for medical treatment.’ These accounts are confirmed also by the Kurdish “peshmergas” fighting against ISIS forces in northern Syria who witnessed Turkish ambulances picking up wounded militants and carrying them to north of the border. In at least one incidence, the Turkish gendarmerie even discovered weapons and military equipment in a truck manned by members of Turkey’s intelligence service (MİT), only to release it to continue to Syria upon receiving instructions from their superiors.

The plan is obvious, it is to oust Bashar Al-Assad which has quite the implications. Firstly the Turkish-Russian differences over Syria could easily deepen, with adverse consequences for both parties, in coming months or years. Despite vigorous efforts by Russian and Turkish policy makers, differences over Syria threaten to disrupt what has been a harmonious relationship. Leaders in Ankara are calling for President Bashar al-Assad’s immediate departure, while Moscow continues to support his regime if not al-Assad personally. In the future, we will begin to see the rift between Russia and Turkey.

In August, we predicted: “Turkey by design intends to usher itself as a savior by creating, aiding and abetting its pawn, ISIS, to make havoc than intervene to end the crisis in order to bolster its image and the ideal Islamic state by Muslims and the West.”

“Make havoc” than “intervene to end the crisis” is exactly what is happening and what is next is “to bolster its image and the ideal Islamic state by Muslims and the West.” We also stated “Sunnis killing Shiites has created major hatred by the Muslim masses globally which will escalate the hatred towards the Wahhabist (Saudi based) ideology of ISIS.”

Therefore, we will begin to see the rift between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The only way to introduce the grand Caliphate that will be acceptable and palatable by the Muslim world both secular and religious is to introduce the non-Wahhabi brand of Sufi Islam, which is considered peaceful by the West. But this will unite both Shiite Iran and Sunni Turkey since Sufis respect Shiite faith and their religious icons, Hassan and Hussein. This will create a grand scale Muslim coalition (Ezekiel 38) and will dismantle what Syches Picot accord did in fracturing the Ottoman Empire.

All this and as predicted, the western media are all positive about Turkey’s entry.

The stage is set for Turkey to spark its attempt to recreate its long awaited Ottoman dream beginning with its invasion of Syria and Iraq which is right around the corner, and later it will be settling the score between Erdogan and Assisi of Egypt in which Turkey (King of the North) will be the victor over Egypt (King of the South). To read more on how the Ottoman’s will divide the Middle East into a ten-nation confederacy read our post: U.S. Aids Turkey In Creating An Islamic Caliphate And Antichrist.
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