Bachmann Shows more Guts than Most Men as ISIS Features her in Latest Video

Last week, as reported, Rep. Michele Bachmann gave a speech at the Values Voters Summit that included language most – if not all – men wouldn’t use. She referred to the fight America is engaged in today as “spiritual warfare” and identified Islam specifically when describing it.

As a result, Bachmann made the cut in the latest ISIS video, which shows she’s onto something. Beginning at the 1:00 mark of this video (in Arabic), ISIS plays a full 1:30 of Bachmann’s speech, though her face is shaded out.

YouTube has taken the video down. Here it is via LiveLeak (h/t WZ):

When will the men in Congress develop the courage Bachmann has? Ironically, it’s the former U.S. Air Force pilot Rep. Adam Kinzinger who was duped by forces linked to the Muslim Brotherhood during a trip to the Turkey / Syria border recently. Here is Kinzinger with a smile from ear to ear while holding a bouquet of flowers he got from the ‘moderate’ rebels:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger happy holding flowers.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger happy holding flowers.


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