Oklahoma Senator Critical of Islam BEFORE Beheading Largely Silent AFTER Beheading **UPDATE: Bennett NOT Backing Down**

The silence of Oklahoma State Senator John Bennett about Islam is conspicuous. Just days prior to the beheading of an Oklahoma woman by a man who attended a Muslim Brotherhood-connected mosque, Bennett had been making some strong comments against Islam. Since the beheading, he’s been practically silent. Bennett’s decision to go dark may be politically calculated or he may not want to inject himself into the story as the family of Colleen Hufford grieves.

Unfortunately, discretion may not be the better part of valor here. However well-intentioned Bennett’s silence may be, pointing to the mosque, it’s history, and the refusal of its leaders to talk to the media could be the better course. If he’s being consulted to stay silent, once again, consultants are wrong.

A tete-a-tete’ between Bennett and Adam Soltani – Executive Director of the Oklahoma chapter of a Muslim Brotherhood front group – was developing in the days before the beheading.

One day after Bennett referred to 90% of the Qur’an as being violent while speaking at a town hall, Soltani held a press conference denouncing Bennett. Within days, Alton Nolen, a man who attended the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISGOC) mosque, beheaded one woman after repeatedly stabbing her before stabbing another woman.

In the days that followed, Breitbart reported on videos of sermons at the mosque. In one of the sermons, just six days before the beheading, the Imam made a very curious and telling reference to Soltani. It was as if Bennett was immediately vindicated:

To prove the inextricable link between CAIR and the ISGOC, Imam Imad Enchassi was recorded on September 19th telling his congregation that CAIR’s Adam Soltani “doesn’t do anything without consulting me.”

Breitbart also found that the Imam misrepresented the comments made by Oklahoma State Representative John Bennett in his criticism of Islamist ideologies. Enchassi falsely claimed that Bennett had said “American Muslims” were “a cancer that need to be eliminated.”

Bennett is missing a tremendous opportunity to go in for the political kill here and expose the true agenda of Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. The ISGOC refused to talk to the media after the beheading. During a segment on the Kelly File on Fox News Channel, a spokesman for the mosque told a reporter that no one from the mosque would grant an interview. There is also a reference to a spokesman from CAIR – presumably Soltani – who said no interviews as well.

The video below is cued up to start at the exchange between a Fox reporter and a mosque spokesman:

**UPDATE AT 2:16PM EST on 10/5/14**
Thanks to Commenter Lou for bringing this to our attention. Bennett spoke at a Tea Party event on the night of October 2nd and did NOT back down. In fact, he mentioned Alton Nolen and CAIR specifically while saying there is no difference between moderate and radical Islam.

Part of the problem has been finding Bennett’s recent comments with Google News. Below is a screen shot of a Google News search for “John Bennett” taken on October 5th. Every headline is from prior to the September 25th beheading in Moore. Nonetheless, we regret missing the story and want to set the record straight. Thanks again to Lou for finding the story.



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