The Spread of Ebola In The U.S. Is Inevitable

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

A disease doesn’t simply stop. The Bubonic plague, with its multiple transmission mechanisms, did not stop until it had crossed Asia and Europe and reached the British Isles on the west and the frigid Scandinavian region to the north. By then, essentially everyone in its path had been exposed and had either died or developed immunity. This is what diseases do for a living, they spread.

And now health workers in biohazard suits helped Dallas nurse Amber Vinson onto a private flight to Atlanta on Tuesday, yet we can see an idiot who was later identified as the medical protocol supervisor is caught on film not wearing Ebola-repelling protective gear. From the photo he seems like a paper pusher. The CDC could have yet another Ebola breach on its hands.






Reuters  reported on another idiot, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who insisted for months that any U.S. hospital could handle an Ebola case by following CDC guidelines. Yet when this loon visited Ebola-stricken sites in West Africa last August, he was dressed in a full protective bodysuit and ventilator, yet that level of protection was far greater than the basic gear the CDC initially recommended for U.S. hospital workers, which at minimum included a gown, a single pair of gloves, a mask and face shield.

We have said, do not trust the system doing its job more than you should trust the virus doing its job.

“Most U.S. hospitals will tell you they are following CDC protocols, but CDC protocols are evolving,” said Dr. Dan Kelly, an infectious disease doctor based at University of California, San Francisco, who is currently in Sierra Leone.

Do you see this word “evolving”? Americans need to read between the lines.

Frieden said on Wednesday that unfamiliarity and inconsistent use of protective gear may have contributed to the infection of the two Dallas nurses, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan through bouts of extreme vomiting and diarrhoea.

The case for putting trust in protection gear is as if we tell people to have protective sex by using condoms. Sooner or later the condom breaks and someone will get herpes. But herpes can be prevented through practicing morality, with Ebola, sweat and sneeze in a public place and even the moral innocent are doomed.

But even if everyone wears his protective Ebola condom, it matters little. It is a rule on disease that in almost every case of viral disease, there is a terrible, exquisite symmetry at the core of viral behavior, in which the one logical human response – to try to flee the threat – is precisely what the virus needs its host to do. And the fleeing and dispersal process is now underway in West Africa as Ebola spreads from bush villages to metropolitan areas and beyond which will force many patients with few bucks to get on a flight to the United States and Europe for a better chance for treatment as we have seen in Dallas which one patient costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With Ebola, the only way to prevent the disease is that the whole person has to be covered with a complete condom (Ebola-repelling protective gear) and the fear caused many to double and triple bag it. When a CDC team arrived in Dallas, they noticed some hospital workers were putting on three or four layers of gloves and apparel “in the belief that this would be more protective,” Frieden said on Wednesday. But adding more layers makes it “much harder to take them off,” increasing the risk of contamination, he said.

The public believed what they are told, we said that only fools listen to the media with talking heads who are more motivated with political correct agenda. Dr. Daniel Varga, chief clinical officer and a senior vice president for the hospital’s parent company, Texas Health Resources is still in denial defending its use of protective gear at the hearing, saying both nurses “were using full protective measures under CDC protocols.” But he acknowledged that hospital staff had not been trained to handle Ebola patients.

Ebola never lies, all it does is spread disease. Yet with politicians all they do is spread lies while they deny their inner disease. We all heard Bill Clinton who once insisted that “I did not have sex with that woman”. Ebola is like someone who insists that condoms absolutely 100% protects agains venereal disease, but with one caveat, that once one condom rips  and there is one sexual organ infected, it is as if it is practicing unsafe sex with thousands of people daily.

But the media keeps belaboring romantic sounding success stories. When Macgregor-Skinner was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, an Ebola patient vomited on a nurse he was training.

“She was very upset and reacted by wanting to remove her (protective gear) right away. I had to hug and hold so she didn’t, and so now I was also covered in vomit,” he said. Once she calmed down, they went through the slow process of decontaminating and removing her protective clothing, using the buddy system, a strategy now recommended by the CDC.

How heroic and romantic.

We now live in a nation gone mad saying that Obama is being stupid. No. Obama is like the Ebola virus, he is brilliant. You don’t become a U.S. President unless you are a cunning devil or an accomplished man. Obama is like Hitler who never stopped the trains sending Jews to Auschwitz. The devil had no interest in protecting Germany, his interest was the death of all Jews. So when will Obama be stopped allowing flights from Africa no one knows, but it might end up that the whole nation will change their attire looking like walking condoms.

Michael Savage, perhaps one of the wisest men in America has been warning for several years about diseases coming from Africa and now his fear has come to pass:

The problem with the world is not Ebola, it is with stupidity.