Atheists who Fight Islam will Fail because they Lack Spiritual Armor

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. – Ephesians 6:11

**NOTE: Scroll down for audio of exchange between Theodore Shoebat and atheist Ayaan Hirsi Ali in 2009**

Thanks to two anti-Islamic liberal atheists – comedian Bill Maher and author Sam Harris – and their debate with Hollywood whack job Ben Affleck, a new debate has begun. Essentially, there seems to be a niche market being created for those who want to be critical of Islam but don’t feel comfortable aligning with Christian conservatives to do it. This dynamic appears to be giving liberals a new place to go if they so choose; call it the liberal atheist anti-Islam crowd.

Former Dutch politician and Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been more readily embraced by the Christian conservative crowd because unlike Maher, for example, she’s not vulgar and is generally focused on the issue of Islam almost exclusively. However, she’s also an atheist. Like Maher and Harris, she rejects all religions. This is a realm where anti-Islamists will eventually get into trouble because they are not prepared for the spiritual nature of the fight.

In 2006, foreigners who wanted to live in the Netherlands had to pass a test that confirmed they had no problems with homosexuality; they had to watch homosexual men kissing each other. The thinking was – in part – that Muslim immigration would wane a bit more but at what expense? The depravity of your own culture?

That year, an article by Paul Belien appeared in the Brussels Journal. Belien wrote:

I have argued before that Europe is in the middle of a three-way culture war, between the proponents of secular hedonism, the defenders of traditional Judeo-Christian morality and the forces of Islamic Jihadism. For the secular hedonists currently holding sway in the Netherlands, Islamic Jihadism and the traditional morality of civilised people are one and the same thing. During the past decades the Netherlands have become the moral cesspit of Europe. I also pointed out in an earlier analysis that it is no coincidence that the collapse of Western civilisation, complete with political assassinations, has first become visible in the country which, in the past three decades, has taken secularization, multiculturalism, tolerance of alternative lifestyles, drug abuse and other fads to their furthest extremes.

The strategy of fighting Islam with things like abortion and gay marriage will never work. It’s self-evident today. Just look at what party in the U.S. the Muslims most closely align with; that would be the Democratic Party, which is staunchly gay marriage and pro-abortion. There is a reason for this. Islam can more easily defeat secularists than it can spiritual Christians.

One such party based on Judeo-Christian morality Belien was referring to is the Vlaams Belang Party in Belgium.

In the same article, Belien excerpted a quote from Ali in which she called for banning Vlaams Belang based on its abortion and homsexuality stances:

“I would ban the VB because it hardly differs from the Hofstad group [a Jihadist terror network in the Netherlands, involved in the assassination of Theo van Gogh]. Though the VB members have not committed any violent crimes yet, they are just postponing them and waiting until they have an absolute majority. On many issues they have exactly the same opinions as the Muslim extremists: on the position of women, on the suppression of gays, on abortion. This way of thinking will lead straight to genocide.”

A few years later, Theodore Shoebat called into a radio show that had Ali on as a guest and challenged her on those comments; she denied making them:

Say what you will about Islam but its followers are true believers who are fighting a spiritual war in addition to an earthly one. No matter how anti-Islam secular atheists are, they will always fall short; they will always be disadvantaged.

For example, last year, Ali appeared on stage with Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Maajid Nawaz, both of whom are professed Muslims, not atheists.


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