Obama Wants More Ebola in the U.S.

Barack Obama has already suggested that he will not impose a travel ban from infected countries by using convoluted logic to make the case. Now he may to be targeting Ebola-infected, non-American citizens for transport to the United States. Taking those two realities together, it can be concluded that Obama wants more Ebola in the U.S.

The very credible legal watchdog group Judicial Watch is reporting that the Obama administration is trying to figure out how to transport more Ebola-infected patients from West Africa to America:

Washington, DC – Judicial Watch has learned that the Obama administration is actively formulating plans to admit Ebola-infected non-U.S. citizens into the United States for treatment. Specifically, the goal of the administration is to bring Ebola patients into the United States for treatment within the first days of diagnosis.

It is unclear who would bear the high costs of transporting and treating non-citizen Ebola patients. The plans include special waivers of laws and regulations that ban the admission of non-citizens with a communicable disease as dangerous as Ebola.

One source tells us that the Obama administration is keeping this plan secret from Congress. The source is concerned that the proposal is illegal; endangers the public health and welfare; and should require the approval of Congress.

Perhaps this helps to explain Obama’s incoherent rationale for not wanting a travel ban implemented. From the Oval Office, Obama argued that banning travel from Ebola-stricken countries to the U.S. would actually lead to more people infected with Ebola to… travel to… the U.S. Here is a quote from what he said:

“If we institute a travel ban instead of the protocols that we’ve put in place now, history shows that there is a likelihood of increased avoidance. People do not readily disclose their information. They may engage in something called broken travel – essentially breaking up their trip so they can hide the fact that they have been to one of these countries where there is a disease in place. As a result we may end up getting less information about who has the disease, they are less likely to get treated properly, screened properly, quarantined properly and as a consequence we could end up having more cases rather than less.”

Of course, aside from little things called passports totally debunking that argument, the irony is that if Judicial Watch is correct, Obama wants more cases of Ebola in the U.S.


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