Muslim Tartars in Crimea Given January 1 Deadline to Turn Over Islamic Materials

Under Ukrainian rule, Crimea’s Muslim Tartars (Turkish Muslims who reside in Russian territories) were permitted to possess Muslim literature. Now that Crmea is under Russian control… er.. not so much. Beginning on January 1, banned Islamic literature in Crimea is set to be confiscated:

The authorities of Crimea (now Russian) have given Muslims three months to voluntarily surrender the literature on Islam, authorized under Ukraine but outlawed by the Russian Federation.

“We call on Muslims in possession of this material to deliver it to the religious authorities over the next three months,” said the president of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, as reported by Interfax. Until the end of December the police will not confiscate the “forbidden literature”, but on the first of January, “everything must be in compliance with Russian norms”. He guaranteed that the list of banned books will be published in the press and there will be an awareness raising campaign among the local population.

Since September, several members of the Muslim community in different areas of the peninsula on the Black Sea have reported police raids in their homes in the hunt for “forbidden literature.” The same reason was given by the authorities of Simferopol in September to justify their raid and then closure of the office of the Majlis, the ‘representative body of Crimean Tatars.

This Muslim community represents 12% of the local population and from the beginning has strongly opposed to the annexation of the Crimea to Russia, confirmed after a controversial referendum. Aksenov has promised to suspend the raids and granted a ‘transition’ period to comply with Russian laws.

Perhaps we’re learning why those Tartars were demanding autonomy from Russia back in March, as reported by

Those inclined to view such a policy as running counter to western values should perhaps take a look at how Islam has spread all over the world while it subjugates all other religions. As it demands tolerance and inclusion from western nations who are averse to banning all forms of literature, Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia ban Bibles.

Consider the Institute on Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA). Outwardly, it’s nothing more than an institute that seeks to educate people about Islam in order to ‘bridge divides’ between religions. While that sounds like such a noble endeavor, the real goal of IMMA – founded by a wealthy Saudi named Abdullah Omar Nasseef – is to turn Muslim minority lands into Muslim majority lands.

Incidentally, Mein Kampf has been a bestseller in Turkey for years. At some point, does that ever become problematic?

Speaking of Turkey, this can’t make Erdogan – himself a longtime student of Hitler – very happy.

Video of Putin doll annexing Crimea:


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