Governor of New York who Supported Ground Zero Mosque Ignores Muslim Connection to Axe-Wielder

In a bizarre exchange with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked about the axe-wielding Muslim Zale Thompson, who attacked NYPD Police officers a day earlier. After giving a very brief answer that implied he had no more information than the public, Cuomo shifted gears and told Camerota that if she needed help keeping her co-host in line (Andrew’s brother Chris), the Governor said:

“…knowing the right information about him keeps him very docile.”

Instead of pressing, Camerota played right along and actually contributed to devolving the conversation.

Aside from the moment being awkwardly timed, it was a little creepy, both because in addition to Andrew actually looking a bit serious, Chris looked more uncomfortable than he did jocular. In either case, the refusal of politicians to identify Muslim terrorists as such, is really beginning to anger the American people.

In light of the fact that ISIS is already cheering the axe-wielder’s actions and declaring his being one of theirs, it’s not plausible that Governor Cuomo doesn’t know more.

If the quick pivot by Governor Cuomo was intended to provide levity [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH]:



Here is a CNN News report on Zale:

In 2010, Governor Cuomo supported the Ground Zero mosque while ignoring many red flags, just as he’s doing now:


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