Judge Protects Obama’s Lawless IRS (Time for Tea Party Group to Play Malik Obama Card)

On Today’s Podcast…

In a blatantly unjust decision, federal Judge Reggie B. Walton ruled against Tea Party group True the Vote (TTV) and in favor of the IRS. In short, TTV filed for 501(c)(3) status in the summer of 2010. By law, the IRS is required to respond within 270 days. That did not happen. Instead, TTV was harassed for years, until political pressure led to the IRS granting TTV its tax exempt status in September of last year.

According to TTV spokesman, the expenses incurred by TTV were estimated to be close to $90,000. Despite all of this, Walton ruled that because the IRS ultimately granted TTV its status, there is no case.

As Shoebat.com has long maintained, if TTV and its attorney Cleta Mitchell is truly willing to fight, it will have to introduce the case of Malik Obama’s 501(c)(3) approval into the court of public opinion. The deck is clearly stacked in favor of the government, as evidenced by Walton.

Speaking of contrasting two separate but related cases, how about the matter of four Blackwater employees who were convicted of murder and face decades of prison time? While they were protecting State Department diplomats in a convoy in Iraq in 2007, a car bomb detonated. A short time later, several Iraqis wound up dead. The Blackwater employees pleaded self-defense.

Despite the case being dismissed in 2009, Vice President Joe Biden announced it would be re-opened; it was. Four men now going to prison.

Conversely, the State Department hired February 17 Martyrs Brigade – a terrorist organization – to provide security in Benghazi. Not only did they flee the scene on 9/11/12 but none have been brought to justice and four Americans ended up dead – including a U.S. Ambassador.

Also, what will it take for David Petraeus to come clean and what was the content of the emails between Eric Holder and his wife relative to Operation Fast and Furious?


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