Muslim Father Stones His Daughter No Matter How Many Times She Asks For Forgiveness

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

The media spoke about this, but the real horror was never justly expressed and the real footage was never shown until now.

“This punishment right now, is a result of your action you chose. No one forced you, therefore you need to accept Allah’s law, and to accept and submit to Allah. Islam is submitting to the will Allah,” the ISIS executioner said.

“You need to accept the judgment of Allah. Okay?” says the ISIS executioner as her father nod his head in agreement with the ISIS executioner.

It was her own father (the rag-head bastard in this video) who bound her like some animal:

“Samihni”, Arabic for “please forgive me” she was begging her bastard father repeatedly. All she was thinking about more than her trauma was that for her father to only forgive her.

He would not.

He continually shakes his ugly head with no, again and again and again as she repeats “Samihni” (forgive me).

I write this in total anger at what one can see of the sheer evil of such dogs who can never be called human. She repeats the word “Samihni” (forgive me) with her bastard father refusing to budge.

Then she uttered these words “Then the true Lord of the Heavens will forgive me”!

Even the heartless ISIS executioner finally felt something and begged the bastard father saying “Samihh-ha” (forgive her) “so she can be forgiven as she goes to Allah” while her bastard father shakes his head again and again and again with “no”.

The ISIS executioner asks her “your last word before you travel from the world into eternity?”

“Yes, firstly, for every girl to worry more about her virginity more than her soul and secondly, for every father to think of the environment in which he sends his daughter to when he marries her off”.

She lived in misery.

Her husband has been away and abandoned his wife to be under the mercy of another man whom they accused her of committing the act of fornication with.

The ISIS executioner warned all other Muslim bastards saying to the camera: “do not leave your wives behind” and that “this is the outcome of not taking care of your wives sexual needs”.

“Do you accept God’s judgment?” the ISIS executioner asked the poor girl. She replied “yes” nodding her head.

Her bastard father, the man with the rag-head, he himself ties his daughter like a sheep with a rope he held and dragged her to a pit where she endured her final destiny as she was stoned.

Her cries can be heard, the pain is expressed by her voice which was fading away as bolder after bolder falls on her head.

As many as “Samihini” she said, was as many large rocks her fragile head received. The stone was her forgiveness expressed by her bastard father who did most of the stoning. She was still alive sounding her pains at every rock until the sounds were no more. Than the Quranic verses play “every sole will taste death. You all get paid judgment day …” as if the verses were for her. Do her executioners even know that such verses were for them and not for her?

Although this is not new to me, it brings memories from when I was 16 and a similar story in Bethlehem at the A’yda Refugee camp in Beit Jala, on the way to Dar-Jasser High School were I studied. The father called the entire neighborhood to witness the supposed cleansing of his filthy name, gathered the entire community to witness. He took his poor daughter and slaughtered her like sheep completely severing her head with the zoogles of the women and the joy of the town. The Israelis hearing of the savagery arrested the bastard father and the community raised a fund to try to bail him out.

I told the story decades ago and few even believed me. The world called me a liar. But now you have ISIS. Are there any doubts now? I live in a world of liars and naives. The liars lie and the naive believes. Of course, until the liar converts to a murderer and his victim is the naive. But then its too late for the naive. I have been warning for years.

When it comes to stoning women, The Jew finally knew better, the Christian learned from the King of the Jew and the Muslim learned nothing, except from whatever the devil fed him from the pit of hell.

Youtube never deletes the Arabic version of these videos, but as soon as we show them, they delete them within a day. Its useless for Youtube since we can find many more:

And I ask, can the world blame us for hating Islam?

Here Muslims, stop your wicked ways: