Christian Pastor Calls Islam a ‘False Religion’ and Muhammad a ‘Man of Violence’ on National Television

During a recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor, Pastor Robert Jeffress admitted to host Bill O’Reilly that unlike most churches, he discusses Islamic terrorism with his congregation and in his sermons. Noteworthy is the forcefulness and unapologetic way Jeffress explained his position, saying that Islam is a ‘false religion’ and that Muhammad was a ‘man of violence’. For added measure, Jeffress said that Christians should proselytize to Muslims, an activity that would get you the death penalty in many Muslim countries.

O’Reilly should be credited with allowing Jeffress to move the ball on this issue.

Acts of terrorism continue to be the aspect of Islam that Americans tend to focus on but stealth, political jihad is far more insidious and poses a much greater long term danger. For the ball to be moved even further, those discussions must start taking place as well.

If there is a letdown in the clip, it comes at the very end when O’Reilly issues an awkward and somewhat irrelevant disclaimer “out of fairness”, in which he says the “American Muslim community has been largely peaceful”. Whether that’s true or not, the stealth jihad of Muslim Brotherhood front groups is meant to convey peace but in reality has longer term goals of conquest.

Acts of Islamic terrorism endanger individual American persons. Stealth political jihad endangers the American people collectively.

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