Obama’s Plan to Bring Ebola-Infected, non-U.S. Citizens from Muslim Super Majority Countries to U.S. a Step Closer to Federal Quarantines for Americans

Of the three west African countries with the biggest Ebola problem, two of them have Muslim super majority populations. We now have confirmation that Barack Obama wants to bring many of them to the U.S. for treatment. Making this prospect more precarious is the Muslim burial practices, which tend to facilitate the spread of the virus.

If there is a scenario in the United States when individuals stricken with Ebola warrants a quarantine, the responsibility for ordering that quarantine should fall to the Governors. The remaining alternative would be unthinkable; it would be in the hands of the Feds, led by Obama in this case. Whenever there is a national emergency, the Feds have demonstrated sheer incompetence. Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy come to mind.

On top of that, the FEMA camp conspiracy theories would start getting a new set of double-takes. The fact that Obama’s friend Bill Ayers was found to have advocated for “Re-education centers” in the American southwest would only fuel them:

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Then of course, Obama’s closest advisor Valerie Jarrett has a familial connection to the Ayers family. Her mother – Barbara Taylor Bowman – sat on a Board with Ayers’ father Tom Ayers.

The larger point is that whenever there is a national emergency, the federal government – as it is currently constituted – has proven to be incompetent. That reality exists regardless of what administration is in charge. The one that is currently in charge only makes that reality far more dangerous.

Obama wants Ebola in the United States; it’s a demonstrable fact. That is all one can conclude with the revelation that an internal State Department document outlines plans to bring Ebola-infected, non-U.S. citizens, many of whom will come from Muslim super majority countries like Sierra Leone and Guinea into the U.S. for treatment.

There will be those who argue that he doesn’t want Ebola in the U.S. He merely wants to treat it here. Even if that were true, a precondition of such an altruistic desire must start with a highly questionable desire to bring the carriers of a highly contagious and very deadly virus into the country.

What’s more is that no one seems to know how the virus is transmitted.

When nurse Kaci Hickox was quarantined in New Jersey after returning from Sierra Leone (a country that is 73% Muslim) where she has treated Ebola patients, she threatened to sue. On its face, a woman with supposedly altruistic motives in West Africa came across as selfish upon her return. The other side of that argument is that her treatment and the handling of the quarantine was sub-standard. If a state with no real plan for dealing with such a scenario treated Hickox so poorly, who thinks the Feds would do a better job?

That reality makes the notion of altruism on Obama’s part far less likely.

As to the issue of quarantines, Governors are in a better position to order and manage them, notwithstanding how the Hickox case was handled. There’s a case to be made that it was handled poorly. That certainly shouldn’t mean that the Feds are better equipped; such an argument would be advocating a jump out of the Ebola frying pan and into…

In any event, Obama capitalized on the anti-quarantine public sentiment and admonished Governors who might be considering quarantines. Both Christie and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seemed to back off the idea of quarantines when Obama leaned on them.

While Obama is downplaying the threat of Ebola and twisting the arms of Governors not to go down the quarantine road, his State Department is working toward a reality that will bring more Ebola into the U.S.

Here is a montage of an NBC news report in which Obama’s call for the lifting of quarantines is championed by the sycophantic Brian Williams, via NewsBusters:


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