JUST CAME IN Muslims Invade Village, Slaughter The People And Burn Down Their Churches, Villagers Stay Their Ground And Fight Them Off

By Theodore Shoebat

Boko Haram Muslim jihadists in Nigeria attacked the Lassa town area, where the massacred people and burned down churches. A local vigilante group prevented the villagers from fleeing and told them to stand their ground and fight. Ali Mamza, a member of the militia, said:

If we flee today, tomorrow, we will continue to flee and these murderer would continue to kill. If we had fled, they would have killed many people. I think our decision to fight yielded result as it is better that six people are killed than for hundred to be killed. We will continue to encourage ourselves, because they will keep coming. We cannot run any longer.

The Jihadists also attacked the Christian village of Shani where killed scores of people and brought havoc throughout the area. One resident named Mallam Babayo Ardo said:

They came on about 10 motorcycles from Gwaskara axis, well armed with Ak47 rifles, Improvised Explosive Devices and petrol bombs, wrecking havoc without confrontation as there was no military operatives, nor police to assist the armless civilians who were running for dear lives. …As I am talking to you now, I left my people running towards Pakaina village for safety. It is only God that will know what is happening with the sporadic gunshots that engulfed the entire council area

Ishaya Brimah, another resident, said:

They rode on motorcycles and were more than 30 men. They started throwing bombs into houses… then the Boko Haram fired shots at people fleeing. …They set ablaze the police station, houses and a telecom mast… I saw people fleeing… some bodies on the ground.

A shopkeeper in Shani, Shuabu Lawal, explained the horror that took place:

A boy ran into my shop and said his father and elder brother had been shot. He was only wearing shorts, no top and sweating, despite the wintry weather. I shut down my shop immediately, leaving some items outside

They also attacked the city of Damaturu, with gunfire and explosions as they made their onslaught against the police. One resident, who survived the attack, recounted the chaos:

I was awoken by huge blasts and the sound of heavy gunfire around the mobile police barracks… The gunmen came in numbers. They have burnt down the police barracks. They are now advancing towards two housing estates… We have left our home. We are now in the bush. We don’t know what’s going to happen.

Another resident described the horror:

It’s chaos all over the town. …All I can hear is explosions and gunfire from my house. I couldn’t go out for morning prayers because this started before dawn and I’m afraid to leave in case I get caught up in it.

These are the horrors that are happening in Nigeria, with three areas of the country attacked almost in a row. With such horrors, we must always remember our brethren and strive to help the persecuted.