ISIS Recruits Westerners To Join Them In A Huge Conspiracy To Destroy Christendom

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

So what is it about ISIS and its uncanny ability to recruit Westerners and why Westerners?

The western secular analysts tell us a half baked truth that ISIS preys on a recruit’s sense of identity. They say that “since the recruits are often young and are mostly disillusioned teenagers trying to find purpose and make their mark or that they lack a sense of identity or belonging. The analysts say that “some are drawn by the desire to die as a martyr who would enjoy a sumptuous afterlife if they die fighting the “infidel” enemy.” The Muslim ‘western friendly’ Hassan, the founder of Freedom of Mind, an organization dedicated to exposing destructive cults and cult behavior says that ISIS “is a political cult using religion and a perversion of Islam as the shield. But in fact it’s a systematic effort to create an army of basically tranced-out followers.”

And I beg to ask; how does this “desire to die” make any sense? A “desire” is defined as something appealing like food, music, sex etc … or is it that the ‘analysts’ fails miserably to tell the truth that Islam in its true essence is a:

“religious conditioning, by using allusions of misery and glory days of the past, in order to convert masses into angry, pride-filled, remorseless killers. to intimidate non-Muslims by fear and threats, in order to re-establish a utopian theocratic world order in which Islam and Muslims are dominant, and all non-Muslims are subservient.”

You will find that everything in the essence of Islam fits within this definition we just provided, remember it, use it, and never forget it. It will help you when you watch news media coverage, and you will be able to understand Islam in everything you see. Such a definition is far more accurate than the half baked truth these analysts provide covering up even their own destruction. This makes this enemy a much more dangerous threat to western society than to paint Islamists as standing inline to visit Jack Kevorkian. Jihadists should never be viewed as lemmings with a desire to die, not everyone desires to die, most Jihadists desire to rape.

So lets take a look at an ISIS promotional video which they just released and see it for yourself how this definition works, every time. But before you do, the following needs to be understood:

“Tawagheet” is “devils” as they portray non-Musims. They burn their passports because they want to “re-establish a utopian theocratic world order” they use “allusions of misery” as life in the West is a miserable condition for Muslims who are not allowed to establish Sharia since their women are not allowed to dress in Niqab (Hijab), they carry guns and pass threat to behead to “become remorseless killers” and to “intimidate non-Muslims” calling for Muslims to make them “subservient”:

On minute 4:06 the terrorist recruiter says to “march light or heavy”. This is crucial to understand, it stems from the Quran which we learned day in and day out, it says “Infiru khifafan wa-thiqala” (march [in Jihad] light and heavy weight):


“Go forth, light and heavy, and strive with your selves and your wealth in the path of Allah. That is better for you, if only you knew.” {Qur’an, 9:41}

If you google “Infiru” (go forth) in google you will see the code talk and the social media being used to recruit from the lands of the west. By “light” means “children,” “women,” even pregnant, “old,” “one eyed,” anyone who is capable of carrying light arms, and by “heavy” means “strong men ready for war” (1). This is why in the video he is asking women who are even pregnant to join. In the future, at the culmination of the rise of this Islamic coalition, the goal of this Jihad is Jerusalem and Rome. But we predict that Rome is invaded before Jerusalem in which both cities, half of which are destroyed as predicted in Zechariah 14:2:

For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

The Muslims are not only bent on invading Jerusalem and ruining half the city, but also Rome, the cherished pearl of Islamic prophecy. So engrained is Rome into the psyche of Muslims that Zuhayr Ibn Qumayr al-Maruzi said, “I have been wishing for meat for forty years, and I will not eat it until I enter Rome, and then I will eat it out of the booty of Rome.” [Tarteeb Al-Madarik, Al-Qadi Ayyadh 3/249] And even Muhammad, the prophet of Islam himself declared:

He [Muhammad] answered: “The city of Hirqil [Emperor Heraclius, that is, Constantinople] will be conquered first” … Romiyya is the city called today Rome, the capital of Italy. The city of Hirquil was conquered by the young 23-year old Ottoman [sultan] Muhammad bin Morad, known in history as Mohammad the Conquerer, in 1453 [CE]. The other city, Romiyya, remains, and we hope and believe [that it too will be conquered]. This means that Islam will return to Europe as a conquerer and victor, after being expelled from its twice-once from the South, from Adalusia, and a second time from the East, when it knocked several times on the door of Athens.

Amongst the Catholics Fatimists there is a prophecy of the Pope being executed outside a half- ruined city, filled with dead bodies, followed by the execution of bishops, priests and lay faithful, an avenging angel whose sword casts flames of destruction toward the earth, a possible world war or other post-apocalyptic scenario, etc …

Although this “city” is controversial whether its Portugal or Rome, regardless, if Rome is attacked, at this point, this will elate many who hate Rome from amongst Muslims and the “Rome is harlot” crowd. And if Mary truly sent this message, was there a heavenly announcement of a judgment on all the corruption brought forth by homosexual and liberal infiltration into the Vatican? And why would Muslims and Christian “Rome is harlot” agree? How can the wicked Muslim and the holy Christian partner in such a goal? These are serious questions for me to pray about and ponder for years to come.

In the video clips of foreign jihadists burning their passports show that many have no interest in returning home. About 2,000 Westerners have gone to fight in Syria and UK authorities believe at least 500 British citizens have gone to Iraq and Syria, many of them to fight with ISIS and other Islamist groups. French authorities estimate more than 700 people have traveled from France to join ISIS.

Looking at the call for Jihad, it is no wonder why Scripture connects the dots better than any other source. The Bible speaks of entire nations coming at Armageddon. When we examine the text, we simply interpret that these are only fighting armies. Yet when we understand the Islamic concept of “Go forth, light and heavy,” it is entire nations, young and old, rich and poor magnetized towards Jerusalem as Ezekiel and Zechariah predicted many of whom would carry swords and even on horseback coming for booty and food just as they said since Jihad is not only a logistical calculation, but a symbolic gesture, a pilgrimage for all Muslims desire to go to paradise.

In conclusion, the Islamist will use any means to destroy the west using the womb by marrying Christian girls, I was such a product, training children, immigration, using liberals, the schools, social media … anything to destroy Christendom. Until the west takes control, they can easily stop all this by turning off on them the social media instead of on us, we will continue to see the epidemic increase. But the secular liberals are the Muslim tool using the liberal hatred for Christianity.

Until then, its a good occasion to recite this liturgy and see how Psalm 140 is recited from our neck of the woods:

Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man; Which imagine mischiefs in their heart; continually are they gathered together for war. They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips. Selah. Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man; who have purposed to overthrow my goings. The proud have hid a snare for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside; they have set gins for me. Selah.
I said unto the Lord, Thou art my God: hear the voice of my supplications, O Lord. O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou hast covered my head in the day of battle. Grant not, O Lord, the desires of the wicked: further not his wicked device; lest they exalt themselves. Selah. As for the head of those that compass me about, let the mischief of their own lips cover them. Let burning coals fall upon them: let them be cast into the fire; into deep pits, that they rise not up again. Let not an evil speaker be established in the earth: evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him. I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and the right of the poor. Surely the righteous shall give thanks unto thy name: the upright shall dwell in thy presence.


(1) Go forth, light and heavy, and strive with your wealth and selves in the Path of Allah; that is better for you, if only you knew.” [Quran 9:41] Qurtubi has quoted ten different reports for the interpretation of “light” and “heavy”: 1. Narrated from Ibn `Abbas: youthful and mature.2. Narrated from Ibn `Abbas and Qatadah: eager and uneager.3. Lightrich, and heavy: poor. Reported by Mujahid. 4. Lightyouthful, and heavy: old. Reported by Hasan Basri. 5. Busy and unoccupied. Reported by Zayd Ibn Ali and al-Hakam Ibn `Utaybah. 6. Heavy is the one with family, and light is the one with no family. Reported by Zayd Ibn Aslam. 7. Heavy is the one with some work, which he dislikes abandoning, and light is the one without any work. Reported by Ibn Zayd. 8. Lightinfantry, and heavycavalry. Reported by al-Awza`i. 9. Light are the ones who rush to the war like the vanguard (the foremost rank of the army). 10. Lightbrave, and heavycowardly. Reported by al-Naqqash.

(2) Tabari has reported that Miqdad Ibn al-Aswad was seen at a money- changer’s table in Emesa. He was leaning on the table due to his corpulence, and somebody said, “Allah has excused you!”  Whereupon he said,  “The surah of dispatchment has come to us, ‘Go forth, heavy and light.'” Al-Zuhri said, “Sa`id Ibn al-Musayyib went out for Jihad when he was blind in one eye, and somebody told him, ‘You are an invalid’ but he said, ‘Allah has called forth the light and the heavy. If I cannot fight, I will increase our numbers and guard possessions.'”

It has been narrated that somebody saw, in the battles of the Levant, a man whose eyelids were sagging over his eyes on account of old age, and so he told him, “Uncle, Allah has excused you.” But the man said,  “Nephew, we have been ordered to go forth light and heavy.” [Tafseer Al-Qurtubi 8/151]

Then, there is Ibrahim Ibn Adham, who when he perceived that he was dying, said, “String my bow for me.” He died while it was in his hand, and he was buried on a Roman island [Tareekh Dimashq, Ibn Asakir 2/1790]. And Abdullah Ibn al-Mubaarak, who used to traverse two thousand six hundred kilometres travelling or riding his beast, in order to fight in the Path of Allah in the seaports of the Muslims. Zuhayr Ibn Qumayr al-Maruzi said, “I have been wishing for meat for forty years, and I will not eat it until I enter Rome, and then I will eat it out of the booty of Rome.” [Tarteeb Al-Madarik, Al-Qadi Ayyadh 3/249] `Urwah Ibn al-Ja`d, the Judge of Kufah, used to have in his house seventy horses appointed for Jihad. [Tahzeeb-ul-Asma’ wal-Lalghat 1/331]

Muhammad Ibn Wasi` was a devout worshipper and a muhaddith, and also participated in military expeditions and in guarding the front-line. Commander Qutaybah Ibn Muslim al-Bahili said of him, “That the finger of Muhammad Ibn Wasi` points to the sky in battle is more beloved to me than one hundred thousand renowned swords and strong youths.” [Al-Mashuq fil-Jihad p.66] Muhammad Ibn Ishaq al-Sulami says, “I know with certainty that I have killed one thousand Turks with this sword of mine. Were it not an innovation, I would order that it be buried with me.” [Tahzeeb-ul-Tahzeeb, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani 1/14]

Then there is Abu Abdullah Ibn Qadus. He acquired such a reputation on account of the large number of Christians he killed in Spain that when a Christian used to try to make his own horse drink, and it would not advance to the water, he used to say to it, “What’s the matter with you? Did you see Ibn Qadus in the water?” [Al-Mashuq fil-Jihad p.77] Badr Ibn `Ammar killed a lion with his whip, and thus he was praised by al-Mutanabbi in the following couplet: