George W. Bush Says Woman With Muslim Brotherhood Daughter as Closest Advisor is like his ‘Sister-in-Law’

The relationship between the Clintons and the Bushes goes back many years, at least to when Bill was the Governor of Arkansas and George H.W. Bush was Vice President. As reported, if former Air Force Intelligence operative Terry Reed is right, the secrets held by both families necessitates each family must protect the other.

In an interview with CNN, George W. Bush conceded that Bill Clinton is like a “brother from a different mother” and that Hillary is a “sister-in-law”. Granted, it was a light-hearted admission but as the saying goes, behind all sarcasm, satire and humor resides truth. The truth is that Bush 43 likely knows as much about Hillary as he would if they were related to her through marriage.

It’s therefore logical to conclude that he knows more than enough about Huma Abedin (the closest adviser to his ‘sister-in-law’) to know that she never should have been granted a security clearance in her capacity as Hillary’s deputy chief of staff, as has long since demonstrated.

In his interview with CNN, while Bush was burnishing Hillary’s credentials as an informal family member, he was also touting his real brother Jeb as the presidential candidate to run opposite Hillary.

While neither George nor Jeb were among the Republicans who defended Abedin in the summer of 2012 when Rep. Michele Bachmann called attention to her Muslim Brotherhood connections, nor did either of them give voice to Bachmann’s completely justified concerns.

It is noteworthy that among the handful of Republicans who did come to Abedin’s defense was Senator Marco Rubio, who is arguably beholden to Jeb for his rise from Florida state legislator to U.S. Senator. Rubio secured the early 2010 endorsement of his state’s former Governor Jeb Bush against Charlie Crist.

Again, while George W. Bush was silent in response to the Abedin controversy in 2012, his admission that Hillary is like a ‘sister-in-law’ says quite a bit about what he must know when it comes to the woman who has been at the side of his ‘sister-in-law’ since 1996, five years before Bush was even sworn in as President for the first time.

As has reported, not only was close George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove silent about Abedin but has been mum about the issue of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration for a long time despite his ubiquitous presence in the media.

Here is the relevant excerpt of Bush’s interview with CNN:


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