The Language Of Antichrist Is Being Revived And The Book Of Revelation Is Being Fulfilled

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not only intend to revive the Ottoman Empire but this monday (Dec 8) he put to law to revive the dead Ottoman language and to make the Arabic-alphabet and the Ottoman language compulsory in Turkish education. The move has biblical significance. But before we explain the prophetic ramifications, Reuters reporting on Erdogan’s opponents stating that such a move to change the language to Ottoman is  Erdogan’s move to become the modern day Sultan (Caliph) of the Muslim world:

Opponents accuse Erdogan of behaving like a modern-day sultan, his Islamist ideology and intolerance of dissent taking Turkey far from Ataturk’s secular ideals.

“There are people who do not wish Ottoman to be taught and learned,” Erdogan told a meeting of Turkey’s religious council. “Regardless of whether they want it or not, Ottoman will be taught and learnt in this country.”

His supporters, who carried him to victory in Turkey’s first popular presidential election in August with 52 percent of the vote, see him as a champion of the religiously conservative working classes, standing up to a secular elite.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, center, at a Republic Day ceremony on Wednesday at the Ataturk Cultural Center. Credit Kayhan Ozer/Presidential Palace


Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, abolished the Ottoman language in 1928, replacing its Arabic alphabet with a Latin one. He also purged the language of many of its Arabic, Persian and Greek words to create a “pure” Turkish closer to the language people spoke.

Reuters and other news agencies reported on the story but missed the main theme behind this change which was covered in the Middle Eastern media in the Arabic:

لغة الخلافة  وتسمى “اللغة العثمانية” اصطلاحا بـ”اللغة التركية القديمة”، وهي اللغة الرسمية التي كانت معتمدة لدى دولة “الخلافة العثمانية” جنبا إلى جنب مع اللغة العربية، وهي لغة مختلطة تجمع كما هائلا من المفردات العربية والتركية والفارسية، وتُكتب بأبجدية عربية


“It [Ottoman] is the language of the [Islamic] Caliphate and is called Ottoman in accordance with the ancient Turkic language which was the main language of the Ottoman Caliphate side by side with the Arabic, a mixed language which gathered a tremendous amount of Arabic, Turkish and Persian vocabulary written in Arabic alphabet.

But no one in the prophecy arena picked the jest of all this; the mixture of the Ottoman language Erdogan is imposing (Arabic, Turkish and Persian) is prophetically tied to the Bible in Revelation 13:2 which mentions the greatest combined threat (beast) to Christianity which is the same mix as this language; Lion (Babylon/Arabic), Bear (Persian) and Leopard (Asia Minor, Turkish).

Some might object that Babylon (the lion) is not Arabia but Iraq. But a closer look at prophetic Babylon of the end days, the Bible has no mention of any of the ancient provinces of Babel, Sumer, Accad, Erech, Calneh but “Kedar,” “Dumah” which are in Arabia and then mentions literally “Arabia” (see Isaiah 21, Jeremiah 49).

Arabia is  the very religious mouthpiece of this beast (mouth of a lion), which Islam emanates from and the Arabic would be the one-world language that would unite all Muslims. Arabia and not Rome is the Harlot since the Harlot comes from the desert Island (Revelation 17:3) that sits on many waters, the “desert of the sea” (Isaiah 21) which John saw. In Revelation 2:12-13, the Antichrist is said to rule from Pergamum (Turkey)  which Christ proclaimed would be the future seat of Satan. This is on the sides of the northern lands (Asia Minor / Turkey). That with Persia (Iran) we have the main players of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38).

Erdogan has dug deep in controlling the law and has positioned Turkey’s National Education Council, largely made up of members backed by Erdogan’s Islamic-rooted government which voted to make Ottoman classes compulsory at religious high schools and an option at regular high schools. The council also voted to ban bartending classes at tourism training schools.

Erdogan argued the lessons were necessary to restore severed ties with “our roots”, with most unable to read the tombstones of their ancestors. “There are those who do not want this to be taught. This is a great danger. Whether they like it or not, the Ottoman language will be learnt and taught in this country,” Erdogan told a religious council meeting in Ankara. “It’s not a foreign language. It’s a form of Turkish that will never age.”

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu lashed out at the critics, saying: “Why are they so allergic to history? Why this hatred of culture? It is beyond our comprehension.”

When the language of Antichrist in its structure fits perfectly with the make up of the three composite mixture of Antichrist, students of the Bible should take note.

It is now the rumor all throughout Turkey that Erdogan is clearly taking his place as Sultan/Caliph and has built a palace. Sprawling over nearly 74 acres of forest land that was once the private estate of Turkey’s founding father, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a new presidential compound has nearly 1,000 rooms, an underground tunnel system and the latest in anti-espionage technology. It is larger than the White House, the Kremlin and Buckingham Palace:


The reported price: nearly $350 million. To put Erdogan’s palace into context, the White House sits on a plot that is 52 acres in total. The Kremlin wall encloses an area of 68 acres. The palace sits on a site covering 74 acres.

Then there is a new high-tech presidential jet (estimated price, $200 million), not to mention the new presidential office in a restored Ottoman-era mansion overlooking the Bosporus, all of which have been acquired to serve the outsized ambitions of one man: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The ‘new sultan’

Mr. Erdogan has been in power for more than a decade, an Islamist politician and prime minister who was often touted as a role model in the Muslim world for having reconciled his faith with democracy.

Erdogan took the realm of power by intrigue. In Turkey, the president is technically second to the prime minister. But in practice, when Mr. Erdogan was elected president in August, he absorbed the power and privilege of the prime minister’s post into his new position. The stronger Mr. Erdogan has grown, the tenser relations have become with the United States.

Erdogan used his conflict with Washington and his political enemies as a force to help consolidate power, as he continues to carry out the duties associated with the prime minister. He has rallied his conservative base behind his religiously infused agenda, clashing with United States policy for confronting Islamic State militants, while also blaming foreign interference for the growing catalog of crises he faces. As Turkey’s challenges have magnified — fighting on its border with Syria, strained relations with its NATO allies, pressure on the economy — Mr. Erdogan’s authority has grown only stronger.

In a recent speech, Mr. Erdogan offered an assessment appealing to his religious Sunni Muslim base — and echoed by militants with the Islamic State — that the Middle East crisis stems from the actions of the British and French after World War I, and the borders drawn between Iraq and Syria under the Sykes-Picot pact. Mr. Erdogan invoked Sykes-Picot saying, “each conflict in this region has been designed a century ago.” He suggested a new plot was underway, and that “journalists, religious men, writers and terrorists” were the collective reincarnation of T.E. Lawrence, the British diplomat and spy immortalized in the movie “Lawrence of Arabia.”

The construction of Erdogan’s palace is still continuing in a forest that is protected land, has occurred despite rulings by several courts that the development was illegal.

Orhan Kemal Cengiz, a Turkish lawyer and journalist, said Mr. Erdogan simply ignored the courts.

In characteristic fashion, Mr. Erdogan challenged the authorities early this year, saying, “If you have the power and courage, then come and demolish the building.”

They did not, and Mr. Erdogan and his family will soon take up residence there.

He ignores the law because Erdogan came to change set times and set laws.



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