Heroic Man Purchases Women Who Are Sex Slaves To ISIS, And Sets Them Free (THE VIDEO WILL MAKE YOU WEEP)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

This unnamed Iraqi man buys Yezidi, Muslim or Christian women.

A crime, you think?


He buys them then unites them with their husbands and fathers and family. Here is one example that will touch any human heart. In this story a Yezidi girl who was taken as a sex slave by ISIS. The man acts as a dealer, infiltrates ISIS and purchases the girl and then unites the girl to her father as you see in this scene:

It’s the story of you, all the gracious loving partners with Rescue Christians. You would read the story of Moses and the Hebrews enslaved by Pharaoh and at times wonder where you stand in the big picture in God’s magnificent plan. How will you rescue all these Hebrews out of slavery?

Well, you already are. You are Moses. You are Aaron. You are Joshua. Just think about it for a moment.

You have supported the release and security of thousands of Christians, especially in Pakistan where Christians are enslaved in brick kilns. Kilns are the very operations the Egyptians forced the Hebrew slaves to labor in ancient Egypt and today the very operations that enslaved the Hebrews in ancient Egypt are happening as we speak to your very Christian family in Pakistan. These are your brothers and sisters in the faith. They are part of the kingdom and bride of Christ. They are whom Christ, the final Moses speaks about in Matthew 25 “for I was hungry and you gave me food, in prison and you visited me …” Imagine the day you meet Christ, the master and Lord of the Church. What a wonderful day will it be.

A Kiln worker is paid 450 Pakistani Rupees, the equivalent of $7 U.S. dollars per 1,000 bricks. Just imagine. And in some areas of Punjab the rate is even lower, at 230 rupees per 1,000 bricks which is about $3 U.S. dollars regardless of how long and how many members of the family it takes to complete the task. The tasks include fetching mud, soaking it in water, molding it into bricks, transporting the finished product to the kiln and finally baking and grading each brick. This is not much but there is another issue – “credit line acts as a noose”.

In case of severe weather or illness, workers earn nothing and are forced deeper into debt, begging for loans from their employers who are happy to extend the line of credit, which tie the laborer more tightly.

Our directors for Rescue Christians you partner with in Pakistan, purchases these slaves and unties families from other kilns and releases them form slavery.

Indeed, just think about it, the irony that you are in the slave trade business, yet at the same time, you are Moses.

According to our partners in Pakistan, the kiln owners usually extends loans for occasions such as marriage, births and deaths, in an effort to tie the laborers more tightly into servitude. This action is totally illegal and under the law, a kiln owner can only release an advance equal to or less than two weeks’ wages. But then there are slave owners and then there are slave owners; you.

Our director also informed us that women workers are usually trapped and sexually harassed. Rescue Christians have shared several testimonies showing the type of horror Christians endure.

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You – our donors – have provided the money for safe houses and the ability for the families to regain their freedom and dignity. Thank you Rescue Christian Donors and partners; we could not have helped without your support.

God bless you all. We, the Middle Eastern and Pakistani Christians love you.