Woman Who Was Shot Five Times By Terrorist Cult and Left For Dead Wants CIA to Apologize to Terrorists

When Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) was a young staffer for Rep. Leo Ryan (D-CA) in 1978, she traveled with her boss to Jonestown in Guyana, South America on a fact-finding mission about the cult of crazed maniac Jim Jones. Ryan became the only U.S. Congressman in history murdered in the line of duty when he was gunned down by Jones’s Red Brigade thugs as his delegation was preparing to board a plane back to the U.S.

It is a vexing reality that Speier remained a Democrat after Jones amassed the power he did by ingratiating himself with the likes of Democrat Governor Jerry Brown, Democrat San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, Ralph Nader and many others. Jones was a self-professed Marxist who believed in using social justice to get his way. The notion that she would expect the CIA to apologize to terrorists for extracting information from them that would protect would-be terror victims from being terrorized is beyond irrational.

Yet, that’s exactly what she did (via WFB):

Some things just make NO SENSE.

Here is a short video that includes Jim Jones and his Democratic friends:


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