Pope John Paul II: A Freemason Heretic Or Saint. See The Movie And You Decide

By Walid Shoebat(Shoebat Exclusive)

I watched this movie about a Polish man named Karol. When I finished watching it I decided to post it for my readers to see if they also wanted to watch it. I wasn’t sure how to introduce the movie so I went to the comment section to see the first comment perhaps I can get a hint or two about what to write regarding this man named Carol and I found this comment from one named Suppressingfire which said this:

“Karol the Freemason/heretic who became pope. Ever since he kissed the quran and took part in a bunch of heresies, i started to dispise this man. Heretics can NEVER be Catholics nevermind the Holy Father, Pope. Vatican II council is a Masonic/protestant plot to destroy the True Faith, Roman Catholicism. A true pope will try everything to convert other religions/sects to the Catholic faith, but the popes since vatican ii not only don’t try to convert but they take part in other religions/sects/schism and pagan rituals, and commit many heresies.”

But it reminded me of what many who hate me accuse me of things I know are not true. I have seen a photo of Carol kissing a large green book that I searched once and searched with no conclusive evidence that that book was indeed the Quran. But assuming he did, it is not as worse as King David committing adultery and let the one who had never kissed a profane thing cast the first stone. Yet how many has ever read or watched his story. Was Carol a ‘Freemason’ ‘Heretic’ ‘Masonic’ devil or was he a saint is up to you to decide and see whether one dare to slander or simply be fair.

Is that all the man did was to kiss a green book? As a boy, Wojtyła (Carol) during his childhood had contact with Wadowice’s large Jewish community. School football games were often organised between teams of Jews and Catholics, and Wojtyła often played on the Jewish side. “I remember that at least a third of my classmates at elementary school in Wadowice were Jews. At elementary school there were fewer. With some I was on very friendly terms. And what struck me about some of them was their Polish patriotism.” Wojtyła’s first, and possibly only, love affair was with a Jewish girl, Ginka Beer, who was described as “slender”, “a superb actress” and “having stupendous dark eyes and jet black hair”. He struggled through Nazism and Communism and definitely was a lover of Jews. Among the many immediate acts of aggression undertaken by the Nazis was to close the University. Young Karol took a job in 1940 as a stone-cutter at a quarry in Zakrzowek, near Krakow. To understand Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II’s birth name) and his part in the collapse of Communism is to remember this man lived under oppression and tyranny for much of his life. Wojtyla had barely turned 19 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, and the regime forced him into manual labor, first as a quarryman and blaster, and later as a factory worker in a chemical plant. But Wojtyla refused to bow to Nazi propaganda; he joined UNIA, a broad-based armed resistance movement trying to save Jews from the Holocaust. Later, he entered an underground seminary, where Adam Sapieha, archbishop of Krakow, reinforced and guided his thinking about human dignity and freedom.

Yet Soviet “liberation” of occupied Poland brought only further repression. And for 33 years, Wojtyla would promote Christianity and religious freedom under threat of a regime attempting to squash any opposition to atheistic totalitarian rule. On December 1, 1989, Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev visited John Paul II in the Vatican. It marked the extraordinary end to hostilities between Rome and Moscow—and the triumph of Christian faith over Communism.