Islamic Burial Practices Spreading MORE EBOLA in Muslim Super Majority Country (Media Ignores Islamic Part)

The spread of Ebola may not be making news headlines as much lately but it’s spreading in Sierra Leone as a result of Islamic burial practices and lax handling of other Ebola infected dead bodies. As has reported, that country’s Muslim population makes up approximately 73% of the total population.

The rise in Ebola cases in Sierra Leone has prompted the country’s president to address these burial practices:

In order to curb the spread of Ebola, Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma has also called on the country’s local leaders to stop practices such as traditional burials. These involve touching corpses, the point at which transmission of the Ebola virus is most likely to occur.

“We should stop all traditional practices for now, so that we will live to continue to practice them later,” Koroma said.

Missing in the reports about these practices is the fact that they are Islamic. In fact, in the same report, the blame is exclusively placed elsewhere:

Due to its shortage of treatment centers and lack of trained staff, Sierra Leone has now overtaken Liberia as the worst Ebola-affected nation. The United Nations and Red Cross are setting up a treatment center in the remote area of Kono which only has one ambulance to transport the sick and take blood tests for sampling.

Those may be legitimate causes but so are the Islamic burial rituals that should be identified as such. Reuters actually reported that the contrast in burial practices in Sierra Leone where Ebola cases are on the rise and in Libera where it is coming under control may be to blame. What the report doesn’t say is that Liberia has a much lower Muslim population at 13%.

Earlier this year, when Ebola was dominating the news, much of the concern had to do with Barack Obama’s expressed desire to transport patients from west Africa to the U.S. As has reported, bringing infected Muslims to the U.S. would potentially introduce two very dangerous dynamics – Jihad and these burial practices.


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