Texas Plumber Gets Flooded with Calls After His Truck Spotted Being Used by ISIS in Syria

After selling one of his company’s trucks and likely not thinking twice, Mark Oberholtzer, owner of Mark-1 Plumbing would later be barraged with angry calls accusing him of being connected to terrorists. The reason? When he sold his truck, which went up for auction and likely traded hands several times, Oberholtzer neglected to take his company’s logo off the door of the truck.

As a result, his former truck was captured driving through the streets of Syria with a machine gun mounted in the back. Oberholtzer had to take the batteries out of his phones after they wouldn’t stop ringing with angry callers on the other end.

Oberholtzer insists he has nothing to do with terrorism but will make sure his logo is removed from any vehicles before he sells in the future.


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