U.S. Veterans Group Launches Series of Videos Slamming Obama’s Foreign Policy

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is launching a series of videos intended to highlight the ‘leading from behind’ strategy of Barack Obama’s foreign policy. The first installment is spot-on and is near perfect alignment with positions held by yours truly and others prior to the decision on the part of the administration to work for regime change there.

Here is CVA’s first video (h/t WS):

It is indeed interesting that the Weekly Standard is where that video was posted, considering that site’s editor Bill Kristol was no board with the objective of removing Gadhafi. Check out this clip – and there are several – of Kristol in March of 2011 calling for even more aggressive action against Gadhafi by Obama than what was used:

Quoting Kristol at the time, one report revealed Kristol’s position was quite clear:

“Let’s talk about the mission,” Wallace began. “You heard Admiral Mullen, earlier in the show, say his orders are clear: protect the civilians, don’t overthrow Gaddafi. That’s not the point. Is that a mistake? Can we live with Gaddafi in any sort of power? He can create a lot of trouble.”

“No, we cannot leave Gaddafi in power,” Kristol agreed. “And we won’t leave Gaddafi in power.”

As Shoebat.com has reported, as of at least 2013, Kristol didn’t appear to have learned from the lessons of Libya as he called for similar action to be taken by Obama against Bashar al-Assad.


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