Keffiyeh-Wearing Muslim Protester from Ferguson Shows Support for NYPD Cop Killer

Within hours of the execution-style shooting deaths of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu as they ate lunch in their patrol car, protesters took to the streets of St. Louis later that night to express their support for… the murderer. Toward the end of the video, a man identified by Gateway Pundit as Bassem Masri expresses support for the ‘Palestinian resistance’ while wearing a keffiyeh.

In the video, protesters walking down the street can be seen and heard chanting, “Pigs in a Blanket… Smells like Bacon” over and over.

At one point, as the gaggle of miscreants pass a police officer manning a barricade, a protester can be heard singing a song about being alone, clearly implying that the officer could be under threat. In a sane world, it would constitute a threat and that individual would be arrested.

If, as GP claims, that the Muslim in the video is Masri, it’s someone who has been an agitator in Ferguson for some time. Masri has been arrested multiple times during the Ferguson riots and has clearly met the minimum standard for being considered belligerent. In any event, this is what Masri tweeted on the night Ramos and Wenjian – neither of whom was white – were murdered:

It’s completely irrational, devoid of any logic, in addition to being heartless. According to Masri, two police officers – who were ethnic minorities and had nothing to do with subduing Eric Garner or his subsequent death – deserved to be murdered in retaliation for Garner’s death.

The reality is that the reason Garner was harassed was a direct result of mayor Bill de Blasio’s office cracking down on the selling of loose cigarettes in the city because it’s been cutting into tax revenues. A pack of cigarettes in NYC costs $14 / pack at minimum. Garner was meeting a demand for goods that were unaffordable to those who purchased cigarettes from him.

De Blasio wanted people like Garner stopped.

Don’t try explaining any of that to Masri though. He’s too busy conflating anti-police protests with the ‘Palestinian resistance’. Here is an arrogant, defiant and belligerent Masri earlier this year in an interview with Michael Smerconish:


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