Talk Show Host Fired For Identifying Muslim Immigration Problem

Earlier this month, a French television host named Eric Zemmour was fired after it was reported that he suggested the solution to the Islamization of France is the deportation of five million Muslims. Though not a quote, the leftists and mainstream media in France pounced, acting as if it was.

As is so often the case in the U.S., Zemmour is a figure that the left must tear down because his message is resonating with too many people. His book – the French Suicide – argues that multiculturalism is destroying France and that people are being forced to leave their homes because Muslims are moving into these areas in droves.

Of course, the most ironic aspect of all is that Zemmour is painted as the extremist.

Here is Zemmour in an interview talking about his firing and the larger issue of why he is a controversial figure just because he wants to preserve the culture of his country (via Vlad Tepes):

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