Famous British Journalist Sells His Soul To Satan And Is Now An Official Propagandist For ISIS

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

I have always said that politicians and journalists are prime example of individuals who sell their souls to the devil and probably will be at the bottom of the pit of hell when judgment comes.

John Cantlie was ‘kidnapped’ more than two years ago in Syria along with pro-Muslim American journalist James Foley, whom our government says was beheaded in August. In previous videos, John Cantlie had sometimes appeared gaunt warning of his own execution.

As it turns out John Cantlie became John Can-lie, if ISIS were going to behead him, this would mean that ISIS is bad, really really bad. But in this clip, as it appears, John Can-lie and John Can-act with slick graphics and cuts, the video is produced in the sophisticated style that has become a calling card of ISIS. Here, you can watch one minute of this stomach churning John Can-Lie ISIS propaganda (WARNING HAVE A THROW UP BAG NEARBY):

Question to Can-lie is this: if Mosul was so peace loving, can the Christians go home and if Allah was so Great, why did he announce that Allah’s little whore, ISIS was about to behead him?

Wish that they did. I do not mind seeing his head on a platter, but instead on minute 7:11 in the video above, Can-lie appears sitting on the lap of an ISIS officer riding on a motorcycle. I am sure that the homosexual community would like that very much. Perhaps they too should join ISIS.

ISIS just released this saying that they want to even invade the west and right into bedrooms:

To ISIS it does matter what you do in your bedrooms. Do you hear this LGBT? We shall see who is worse, the Christians who tell them to repent or ISIS?

John Can-lie thinks that by selling his soul to the devil he is now safe. What he doesn’t realize is that once one sells their soul to the devil, it is checking-in Hotel California; John Can-Checkout anytime he wants, but John Can-never-leave.

As was the case with journalist John Can-lie, James Foley and Steven Soltoff appeared to be sympathetic to the causes of opposition groups in Libya and Syria as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Unfortunately, these western journalists are often times far too willing to befriend Muslim fundamentalists who will turn on them.

In the days after the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt was overthrown last year, Soltoff visited the site of the Brotherhood protests at the Raba’a al-Adawiyya mosque and wrote about the experience:

When I told my Egyptian friend Ahmad Kamal that I wanted to go to the Muslim Brotherhood protest camp in Nasser City, a pallid look gripped him. “Don’t go there!” he pleaded. “They are fanatics who hate foreigners. Americans like you are in danger there.” After an hour of fruitless conversation over endless glasses of sweet tea, I rose, shook Ahmad’s hand, and headed straight to the lair where he believed I would be devoured. But when I arrived at Nasser City, the picture Ahmad painted of long-bearded, club-wielding extremists bent on roughing up secular Egyptians was just as devoid of truth so much else in this divided country. Coups depicted as revolutions, peaceful protesters painted as fanatics, and disgruntled citizens hailed as revolutionaries have transformed Egypt into a circus where the main attraction is the uncertainty of heading into the unknown.

Folly and Sold-it-off never learned from Christ until it was too late, that an asp is not a fish and ISIS has no use for razors to shave beards, they only use them to chop off heads. Some never learn that it is best never to meddle with the wicked, but perhaps these wicked propagandists finally found a perfect marriage partner: ISIS and the honeymoon will be in Hotel California, in hell.