ISIS Members With Ebola Like Radioactive Human Dirty Bombs Who Believe They Must Kill Infidels Before they Die

It’s being reported as good news that ISIS fighters in Iraq may be contracting Ebola. On one level that may be true but as reported last year, ISIS has been planning to use its own fighters as radioactive human dirty bombs.

As for how ISIS fighters in Iraq may have contracted the disease, the Daily Caller reports:

The World Health Organization is looking into reports that ISIS fighters in Iraq have been showing up at hospitals with Ebola symptoms.

According to the pro-government Iraqi newspaper al Sabaah, an unknown number of ISIS militants have shown up at a hospital in the militant-controlled city of Mosul, about 250 miles north of Baghdad. The paper reported that foreign terrorists brought the disease into Mosul from “several countries” in Africa.

It’s not yet clear whether the ISIS extremists actually have Ebola or another disease. Ebola symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea and unexplained bleeding and bruising — problems which could also be attributed to malaria or yellow fever. And doctors in Mosul might be unable to even test for Ebola.

WHO spokeswoman Christy Feig said the organization is reaching out to officials in the ISIS-held area to offer help if the disease does turn out to be Ebola. However, United Nations workers are not allowed to work in ISIS-controlled areas in either Iraq or Syria, so a UN operation to help either ISIS militants or any civilians in the areas who contract Ebola is unlikely.

Claims that Ebola may have spread to Iraq from “several countries” in Africa should serve as a warning to western countries. As has also reported, Muslim majority countries are conducive to the spread of the virus because of both Islam’s burial practices as well as a jihadist mentality that can be exacerbated when coupled with a sense of hopelessness, not to mention hard-wired irrationality.

Check out this excerpt from DC:

ISIS is against western science and medicine as a rule, but apparently several militants have taken to hospitals with Ebola-like symptoms anyway. Since taking control of Mosul in June 2014, ISIS has taken to executing doctors that refuse to treat them.

Kurdish news website Rudaw reported in Nov. 2014 that ISIS executed six doctors in Mosul for refusing to treat wounded fighters, in addition to kidnapping six merchants for failing to pay a monthly tax to ISIS. The group reportedly executed two more doctors just last week.

Translation: Heal me… don’t heal me… Treat me… You’re not allowed to treat me… Don’t treat me… Heal me… You must die… BLAM!

What makes Muslims – particularly devout ones like those led by Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghadadi (PhD in Islamic Studies) – infected with Ebola even more potentially dangerous is the knowledge that they are going to die. Christians in similar circumstances want to reconcile with God by seeking absolution and forgiveness. Murder and suicide are usually the last things on their minds as a result; they are among the worst sins a person can commit.

Conversely, Muslims exposed to a belief that suicide can be righteous if it involves murdering infidels or dying in other ways – like drowning – can be very dangerous. Muslims infected with Ebola can see themselves as radioactive agents with a short half-life. If they subscribe to the most fundamental beliefs of Islam, the way to salvation would be to use it in the commission of murder.

That’s certainly how ISIS views it.

Then again, ISIS ISIL is not Islamic so there may be absolutely nothing to worry about:


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