Muslims Have Just Slaughtered 12 People In France. France Is The Nation Of The Crusades, And Now Must Rise Up As A Holy Army To Destroy Islam And Restore Christendom!

By Theodore Shoebat

A gang of three Muslim gunmen, armed with Kalashnikovs, opened fire on on a building for a magazine that was anti-Islamic, called “Charlie Hebdo” (or Charlie Weekly). They opened fire while screaming “Allahu Akbar!” and they also murdered two police officers. In total 12 people were slaughtered, and this is being called the worst terror attack since the London Bombings. According to one report:

In a horrific attack in Paris today, multiple terrorists assaulted the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, reportedly shouting “we have avenged the prophet Muhammad” before fleeing by car.

The BBC reports that 12 people are dead and seven injured after gunmen opened fire at the offices of the magazine. The gunmen also reportedly shot a French policeman who begged for his life in the street outside the magazine.

I did a whole video on the massacre, with footage of the execution of one of the officers:

I am not writing this article to give you the news, you can find the story on any media site right now. I am not here to give you the mere facts of the attack. I am here not to whine and complain, but to give you the solution.

France, and much of Western Europe, has never had a Muslim problem until in recent modern times. Why? In our modern age, Christianity has been deemed as something from the “Dark Ages,” blasphemy is esteemed as courageous, and the institution of the family has been scolded as a form of oppression against women.

It is no coincidence that Europe began to have a problem with Muslim populations, not too long after it embraced feminism and modernism, and allowed these dangerous ideologies to sink their claws into the society, and extinguish the flame of Christianity that once lied in the hearts of the French people, from the great saint, St. Irenaeus of Lyon, to the French warriors who fought in the Battle of Malta in 1565, to their valiant ancestors who obeyed the Pope and took up the sword in the First Crusade. These are the saints, these are the true models of Christianity, and the lights that shine in the world, even after their deaths, with the fire of holiness that emanates from their actions.

Now France is living as a product of the anti-Christian French Revolution, and all of its anti-Christian teachers who lived in the time of Enlightenment, Voltaire, Diderot, and other malicious thinkers. But let us not delve to deeply into the darkness. Rather the French, and all of us truly, must jump into the waters of our Christian past, and emulate what gallant heroes stood before us, for it is on their shoulders that the remnant of our civilization now rests.

Let us remember what dauntless saints sprung from France, the “eldest of the Church,” as it was once known; let us remember those indomitable warriors who took up the Cross and forsook everything, wives, children, parents, their very lives, to war against Islam when the Muslims were slaughtering the Christians in the East. Let us remember, let us contemplate on their actions, and let it enlighten our spirits and enflame our zeal.

I was never part of that crowd that bashes France; for I have always admired its history, its music, its legacy in Holy War and in the Crusades. Even when the Ottoman Empire wanted to butcher all of the Christian Armenians, it was France who came to their aid, and rescued countless Armenians by bringing them into France.

Truly, France has been an exemplary in the history of Christendom, and my only hope (more of a dream really), is that the French people will throw off the shackles of secular materialism, atheism, feminism, and modernism, and restore that spirit that once stood aflame within their souls, and with all their furies overthrow these evil beliefs, and usher Christianity as their religion, as the supreme Faith of the land.

Let me show you what fierce piety was once in the hearts of the French. In the First Crusade, before the warriors were about to go into battle with Muslim forces in one battle, the head knights and leaders went before the holy army and declared:

If you have devoted to God the army in which you now serve, if you have given up your countries, homes, wives, children, and your bodies, and if these bodies have only survived to be offered for the glories of martyrdom, how, I ask, can you be terrified at this sight? The wisdom of one of you, derived from faith in God, is more powerful than the superstitions of this entire heap of rabble [the Muslims]. If death is to be your lot, the heavenly kingdom and a joyful death await you; if you remain alive, and persevere in your faith, certain victory awaits you, and after victory, glory, and after glory, greater courage, and then great opulence from the enemy’s treasures. Whatever happens, you will be secure, you have nothing to fear; no delay or doubt should stand in your way. Therefore surrender your minds and bodies to the faith of the Lord of the Cross, and take up arms against the piles of husks, these little creatures who are hardly men at all. (Guibert of Nogent, The Deeds of God Through the Franks, book 3, pp. 59-60, brackets mine)

Who in France is talking like this? Read the beautiful words and observe the majestic language, and you will see the solution to the Muslim problem: the French must surrender their entire nation to the Cross, and through the Cross — the greatest image of Holy War — will they conquer what evils lie in their country.

The Christian militant must be honored, emulated, and restored to his rightful place in France. It is said that Mary Magdalen, Martha and St. Lazarus, were the first to bring Christianity into France, and this is said by a very old tradition.

Not only that, but in the second century so many French Christians were slaughtered in the early pagan persecutions, in the most horrific of ways: cooked alive on hot steal chairs, cut to pieces, beheaded, and we are told by Eusebius that one of the martyrs, Attalus, “was a pillar and foundation of the church there.” (Eusebius, Church, History, 5.1)

And surely are all of the martyrs of France, those who died in persecution and who were slain for the cause of Christ, are foundations of the Church.

And the earth of France was consecrated by the presence of these earliest saints; by the blood of warriors that was spilt when Charles Martel led them into combat against the Muslims when they tried to invade all of France in the Battle of Poiters.

And when this invasion happened, the Muslims came not only to conquer and pillage, but to destroy the beautiful Church of St. Martin in Tours. And what did the French do? They fought with all their might, loving God with all their hearts, souls, spirits, and strength.

Now the Muslims don’t need to invade France, because of multiculturalism, they simply enter through immigration. Why is this happening? The French have become more and more indifferent to their French identity, and instead of upholding to Christian supremacy, they hold to useless secular values. Instead of looking back to the holy saints who walked upon their nation, and spilt their blood for their nation, they look to modern superstitions.

The ground of France is consecrated by the blood of saints, and thus it is a holy land, one separated for God and His divine plan against the devil and the Antichrist. It was holy in the Crusades, being used by God to conquer Jerusalem and impede the Islamic expansion, and it will be used again.

Let me give you another example of how great Christianity once was in France, and how fierce French Christians once were in fighting all evils that tried to overtake the Church. For we will see in such an example what France must restore to bring back its place in Christendom.

In the 13th century a horrific movement called the Cathars took over southern France. With their sick heresies of dualism, devil worship, and with their perversions such as homosexuality and bestiality, they tainted the land with their evils. And what did the French Christians do? Did they tolerate it? Did they accept them in the name of diversity? No. They slaughtered them in the glorious Albigensian Crusade. The courageous Simon de Monfort, a man who France should honor as a national hero, led the war for numerous years, only to be martyred himself in a battle with the heretics.

Simon de Montfort, true French hero who France should emulate

Simon de Montfort, true French hero who France should emulate

Many a battle was fought most bloody and violently, led by the valiant Simon de Montfort who, with arms and piety, fought against the heretics. Swords were struck; arrows were fired; stones flew and pierced men as bullets do today; boulders descending from terrifying catapults smashed through walls. As man quarreled with man for the sake of the Truth triumphing, priests chanted their ancient hymns with reverent and rustic voices.

The warriors of the Cross were not only laymen, but archbishops, bishops, deacons and archdeacons, who like Samuel the prophet, took up the sword to put down those who corrupted the truth for a lie and who were worthy of death.

The local Cathars were possessed by the spirit of treachery, as the Muslims are today. In the area of Lagrave, a French Catholic knight, being more trusting of the heretical locals, hired a Cathar to repair his wine casks. When the carpenter was done, he asked the knight to see if he found the repairs sufficient. The knight bent down and placed his head inside the cask, and the carpenter raised his axe and decapitated him.

The other locals at once rose up and began murdering the few French soldiers present in the area. These types of crimes are no different to what Muslims are doing in western countries. The only difference is in the reaction. Today the criminal is arrested and no measure is made against his ideology. But in Christendom, both the criminals and they ideology are uprooted.

As soon as the news of these killings spread, the Crusader Godfrey rushed to the sight with armed men. When the locals saw them arrive, they embraced them, perceiving that they were one of them.

What did the knights do? Did they arrest the perpetrators and give him a fair trial? The crusaders raised their arms and slew them all, both young and old, as the Israelites did unto the Benjamites in the Battle of Gibeah. Godfrey was later ambushed by a great force of heretics. They fought like saintly knights, and when all were dead but Godfrey, he was asked to surrender to which he replied: “I have given myself to Christ; far be it from me to give myself to His enemies.”

They slaughtered him, and he gave up his spirit in glory. Knights who were captured in this war were dragged in the streets by heretic mobs and then hung. The Count Godfrey was captured, and when he requested to observe Holy Communion he was refused. “If I am not to be permitted communion and the holy sacraments, at least let the Eucharist, my salvation, be shown to me, so that in the life to come I may look upon my Saviour.”

The chaplain present raised the Eucharist, and the Christian warrior beheld it with sublime reverence. On the orders of the tyrant Raymond, Godfrey was to be hung. Before being executed, he asked to see a priest, this too was denied him. “Since I am not allowed to see a priest,” said the knight, “God will be my witness that I have always served Christianity and my lord the Count of Montfort with a ready will and an eager heart, and that I am willing to die for this and for the defense of the faith.” They raised him up forcefully and hung him from a walnut tree.

The Christian soldiers celebrated the feast of St. John the Baptist, to honor that holy man who rose up against the tyrant and cried out faithful chastisement toward his iniquities, and died for it. And on the next day, after the glimmering light arose over both the wicked and the righteous, armies of men whose hearts were as black as the birds of the air which consume the flesh of dead men, prepared their attack upon the warriors who took up the Cross and bore the sign of God.

Montford ordered for his armour to be brought; the others made ready. Though they were covered with such thick metal, Montfort did not forget the armour of light which he had put on, to combat the darkness that overran the earth and brought men to madness so great that they would war with the very One who created them. There they were before the trenches, their standard up to Heaven, their hands gripping ever so tightly around the tilts of their swords.

Montfort arose and hurried to a church, sat inside the sanctuary and heard voices of pious men singing unto that God who the enemy sought to make unknown. But no longer was this earth to be a place where God is but darkly acknowledged, for the men of the Cross were lights to the world over which the gates of hell could not prevail.

As the warrior stood and heard the liturgy so serene to the soul, the men outside saw before them a charging horde of the heretics with cries of violence and clamor. They came upon them with much ferociousness and all that is expected in such melees were committed. A messenger ran to Montfort and begged him to join the battle. “First let me hear the divine mysteries and see the holy images of my Saviour.”

Another man speedily arrived and said: “Make haste! The battle grows more intense, and our men can hold out no longer.” “I will not go until I have seen my Redeemer.”

Upon that moment the priest raised the Eucharist, and to such a sight Montfort was so inspiredly pressed, he raised his arms to Heaven and said: “Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word, for mine eyes have seen thy salvation. …Let us go and if needs must die for Him who deigned to die for us.”

He came to the battlefield and saw before his eyes a myriad of dead and wounded, and two waves of men struggling with the greatest forcefulness. Not just man against man, but minds focused on Heaven against minds rooted in hell; ideas loving life against ideas revering death; a Faith that brings salvation versus a faith that brings damnation.

The warriors saw their leader, and hope did arise within them. They raised their swords and shields, and with faith upon that armour of light, struck against the advancers of darkness and drove them back into their trenches.

Arrows and stones hailed on the Christians, and as they stood their ground a stone pierced right through the head of Montfort, and he died. He perished as all righteous men do when they stand before the violent slaves of error, just as that prophet of old lost his head under the orders of Herod; that prophet to whom they celebrated the day before this event, prior to that moment when the dawning light illuminated upon the church where Montfort heard the hymns of holiness as the battle commenced.

The very presence of that sanctuary in the midst of heretics, is but one example out of many of that light of the world that is seen even in the thickest oceans of darkness; that light which forever glimmers; that light which we are all to be and for which we are all to fight.

In 1218, prince Louis of France took up the Cross and finished the behooved war, and where cities were captured falsehood was purged away and the most Holy Cross put in its place.

The Cross was established in France, but now it has been covered by the darkness of modern heresies. We can only ask the French people, to restore the glory of their ancestors, and dissipate the darkness that now tries to engulf the glimmering candlelight of the Cross.

Conquer with the Cross, and let it crush the crescent serpent of Islam.

Restore your inheritance, O Christians! Revive Christendom, and drive the wicked out, lest more blood is shed by the malicious evildoers!

Take up the Cross, and cover the streets with hymns and chants, cry out your hatred against the wicked, and instill fear into the hearts of all enemies of the Faith.

Christus vincit!

Let this song be the song of the New Crusade that will come out of France, written by the French composer Thibaut de Champagne:

The words are:

Lord, be informed: anyone who will not go
To the land where God died and lived,
And will not bear the crusade cross,
Will hardly go to paradise.
Anyone who has pity is mindful
Of the Supreme Lord, ought to seek vengeance
And deliver his land and his country.

All of the lowly will remain behind,
Those who love neither God, love, nor honor;
And each says, “My wife, what will she do?
Nor would I leave my friends at any cost.”
Such men have fallen into foolish concerns,
For one has no friend except he who, without fear,
Was placed on the true cross for us.

Now the valiant knights will go forth,
Those who love God and the honor of this world,
And who rightly wish to go to God;
And the sniveling, the cowardly, will remain behind.
They are blind — of this I have no doubt —
Such a man never aids God during his life,
And for so little loses the glory of the world.

God let himself suffer on the cross for us,
And he will tell us on that day, when all men gather,
“You, who helped me carry my cross,
Will go where my angels are;
There you will see me and my mother, Mary.
And you from whom I never received,
Will all descend into the depths of hell.”

Everyone thing he will remain healthy
And that ill should never befall him;

Thus the enemy and sin take hold of them,
Until they have neither sense, boldness, nor power.
Gracious lord God, take such thoughts from them
And put us in your country
With such holiness that we might see you!

Sweet lady, crowned queen,
Pray for us, Virgin of good fortune,
and henceforth no evil can befall us. (Michael Routledge, “Songs,” in Jonathan Riley-Smith, ed., The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades)

Let this be the song of the New Crusade; let Christ be our King, and throw the wiles of the devil straight to the abyss.

Christus Vincit!