JUST CAME IN: Another Islamic Attack Has Just Happened In France. Two Gunmen Opened Fire And Murdered A Police Officer

By Theodore Shoebat

Yet another Islamic terrorist attack has happened in France, in which two gunmen with bulletproof vests and assault rifles opened fire and murdered a police officer, and injured a street sweeper. According to a very recent report:

A female police officer has reportedly died of her injuries after she and a colleague were shot in southern Paris this morning, less than 24 hours after the gun attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Two men with assault rifles shot at the two local police officers after their car was involved in a road accident. One of the gunmen was reported to have been arrested. The other fled.

A convoy of heavily armed counter-terrorism police arrived at the scene of the shooting shortly before 11am local time, suggesting the incident was still ongoing.

According to another report:

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said a manhunt was underway for the suspect in the shooting, which also left a city employee seriously injured.

The officer had stopped to investigate a traffic accident early Thursday morning when the shooting began, Cazeneuve said.

“There was an officer in front of a white car and a man running away who shot,” said witness Ahmed Sassi, who saw the shooting from his home nearby.

He said the shooter wore dark clothes but no mask. “It didn’t look like a big gun because he held it with one hand,” Sassi added.

The shootout in the city’s southern suburb of Montrouge comes in the wake of murder of 12 people – including two police officers – in an assault on Charlie Hebdo’s offices in central Paris.

How many times do we have to quote the ISIS manifesto? Until you finally understand that this violence is not some random incidents, but a calculative and well organized attack by an enemy nation, that is, the Islamic world? Here is a statement from the ISIS manifesto:

Section I: evidence for an age to use specific weapons for a particular enemy:

And so like if America at this time; the issue to hit with these weapons [mass destruction] is permissible without mentioning the evidence of the second section the following (evidence of general legality); because Allah Almighty says “to punish in similar fashion as you were afflicted”, and the Almighty says “Attack who attacks you in similar ways as you were attacked,” and the Almighty says “Pay evil with evil,” so the observer sees American aggression on Muslims and their lands during the past decades concludes the permission to use aggression with reciprocity only as has been collected by some of the brothers the number of dead from amongst the Muslims with their weapons of direct and indirect, methods to bring the number close to ten million. And as for the lands that [America] burned with their bombs and their explosives and rockets not one can enumerate except Allah, and whatever else happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, and this is what caused the wars on many of the Muslims causing homelessness. So if bomb is launched at them that will kill ten million of them, and it will burn their land as much as they burned the Muslim lands this is therefore permissible without the need to mention any other evidence, but other evidence may be needed if we are to perish of them more than this number!

The violence is intensifying, and hopefully this will compel the people to revive the flame of Christianity and finally take part in the spiritual war against the devil and his wicked religions and ideologies.