Mainstream Media Voluntarily Giving Up its Freedom After Muslim Terror Attacks

On the morning of January 7th, Ben Barrack appeared on the Peter Boyles show on 710 KNUS in Colorado as news about the terror attacks in France were unfolding. Boyles had him on again one day later after more had been learned. Among items discussed were the reaction of the mainstream media and the problems of immigration both in Europe and in the U.S.

Also, the forces behind the media narratives that serve to defend Islam at all costs may be part of the Istanbul Process. When terror attacks like the one in France happens, the media immediate kicks into gear to downplay any and all criticism of Islam as well. To what extent is the Istanbul Process affecting media reporting? Regardless of whether these mainstream media outlets are conservative or liberal, they are refusing to do what their profession demands, which is to protect freedom of the press and of speech.

In essence, the media is operating in response to Muslim terror attacks as if it’s on a suicide mission.

To hear Barrack’s appearance with Boyles from one day earlier, click here.


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