Muslims Butcher Thousands Of People In Only One Massacre (THE STREETS ARE LITTERED WITH COUNTLESS DEAD BODIES)

By Theodore Shoebat

A horrific massacre took place in the Nigerian town of Baga, in which Boko Haram Muslims massacred thousands of people. The number is being reported as high as 2000 people. The entire village has been burned down. The population of Baga was initially around 10,000, but after the massacre it is now virtually uninhabited. I did a whole video on this almost completely ignored event:

According to one of the very recent reports on this massacre:

Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram have attacked the northeastern town of Baga for the second time in a week, leaving bodies littering the streets, according to an official.
Two locals said the Islamist insurgents began shooting indiscriminately and burning buildings on Tuesday evening in raids on the civilian population that carried on into Wednesday.
More than 2,000 people are unaccounted for according to Musa Bukar, chairman of local government for the Kukawa district, which includes Baga.

The dead are “littered on the streets and surrounding bushes”, said Mr Bukar, speaking from a camp in the city of Maiduguri that is sheltering people who have fled the attacks.

Amazingly, literally thousands of Christians have been butchered, raped, burned alive, by Muslims and other wicked heathens such as Hindus, and most people are ignoring it. Ten godless and evil journalists, who hated God, get killed and we are acting as though they are martyrs for some righteous cause. The only ones who died for righteousness were the two poor cops who were only doing their duty. But sadly enough, we are focusing more on the godless scumbags who mocked Christ and hated Christianity.

We should be commending those who have carried their cross and defied Islam, by choosing death rather than leaving the true Faith. The tens of thousands of people who gathered around to praise the dead journalists should have been carrying crosses rather than stupid pens.

This is why I admire the Germans: they carried giant crosses and sung Christian hymns. They didn’t walk around holding up pens like a bunch of followers.

Tens of thousands of people need to take the streets and cry out to the highest heaven, praising the thousands of martyrs of our own time. Let us praise the martyrs, the seeds of Christendom. France is the eldest daughter of the Church, act like it! Revive your former glory as oppose to continuously acquiescing to the modernist heresy.

To express this sentiment further, here is a short poem I composed:

We don’t want secular values
We don’t want to bow down to modern statues
We don’t care for feminism, nor women’s liberation
Death to modernism and democracy
We want to combat evil and see its annihilation

To hell with all indifferent norms
We want to bring order to the orderless
Destroy the darkness and all its forms
Throw out diversity
All we want is Christian supremacy
Sacrifice the nation, all its heart and core
Carry aloft the Sword of Christ
And nothing more

Christus vincit!