Attorney General Eric Holder Comes To Defense of Islam While in Paris

The Paris rally featuring world leaders was not attended by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder despite his being in Paris at the time. His absence at the rally is being ridiculed but a closer examination of who was in attendance at the rally and who was banned may make Holder’s absence less of an issue than his refusal to acknowledge that the terrorist attacks in Paris were Islamic in nature.

During appearances on Meet the Press and ABC’s This Week while in Paris, Holder was asked about the attackers in Paris representing “radical Islam”. Holder dismissed any connection to Islam (h/t GWP):

This is not the first time Holder has run interference for Islam. At a 2010 House Judiciary Committee hearing, Holder was asked about the Times Square bomber being inspired by radical Islam and whether Holder would agree with that assessment. Holder avoided the issue and chose instead to look foolish:


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