French President Bans Leader of Anti-Islam Party from Sham Rally in Paris but Welcomes Prime Minister of Turkey, Which Harbors Muslim Terrorists

Those inclined to feel good about the massive world leader rally in Paris in response to the terror attacks should think again. French President Francois Hollande permitted Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to participate while also banning the National Front Party (NFP) leader Marine le Pen, despite her party representing 25% of a French voting bloc. Also standing shoulder to shoulder with Hollande was Islam-apologist German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, whose government formally partnered with Hamas last year.

Hollande, Merkel, Abbas and Davutoglu all participated in the Sham rally in Paris.

Hollande, Merkel, Abbas and Davutoglu all participated in the Sham rally in Paris.

According to a report from France24:

By Thursday afternoon, most other parties had followed suit, with the notable exception of the National Front (FN). Its leader, Marine Le Pen, said she had not received an invitation. She denounced the FN’s “exclusion” from the rally and proclaimed “the end of national unity”.

The Socialist government has yet to confirm that her party was not invited.

Earlier, Le Pen had told reporters that she trusted the government would have the wisdom to invite “the representatives of a party that polled 25% of the vote in the last election”, referring to last year’s European polls, in which the FN came first amid record-low turnout.

The question of whether to invite France’s far right presents a dilemma for Hollande’s Socialist government, which is traditionally averse to any dealings with a party it deems “un-republican”.

By failing to invite Le Pen’s party, the government exposes itself to claims it undermined its own call for unity. If it chooses otherwise, it will incur the wrath of the FN’s many foes.

After being banned, le Pen sent out the following tweet:


Meanwhile, Davutoglu was allowed to participate, via the Daily Sabah:

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu arrived in France Sunday to participate in a unity rally in Paris being held in solidarity for the victims of recent deadly attacks in the country.

More than 55 leaders from around the world arrived in Paris to join hundreds of thousands of people in a symbolic unity march to pay tribute to victims of deadly attacks in France that left 17 people dead. On his official Twitter account, Davutoğlu wrote a post in French: “I am in Paris in solidarity with the French people against terrorism.” The prime minister said Turkey’s participation at the unity rally in Paris would give a strong message to groups that want to blame the recent attacks in France on the Islamic world. Addressing a press conference before he left for France to join the rally, Davutoğlu said, “Our participation in the Paris march is a strong message for groups that want to blame the Islamic world, especially Muslims who live in Europe.”

That part in bold is EXACTLY why Davutoglu wanted to participate, to run interference for Islam, not to show solidarity against Islamic terrorists. If he did, he would be speaking out against his own country harboring Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS terrorists.


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