Girlfriend of Muslim Terrorist in Paris Able to Travel to Syria through Turkey

While Hayat Boumeddiene, the girlfriend of one of the Muslim terrorist attackers in Paris, is believed to have traveled to Turkey and then onto Syria before the attacks, Turkey’s decision not to pick her up should raise questions. One day prior to the attacks, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a speech in which he called for the crack down on ‘Islamophobia’ as reported.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo was essentially just that. The cartoons were viewed by the attackers as being ‘Islamophobic’ which is why they claimed to have avenged their prophet. It was also learned that after the attacks, Turkish media expressed support for them.

Now it’s being learned that Boumeddiene reportedly traveled through Turkey prior to the attacks and was actually noticed by Turkish officials who were monitoring her movements. She was not stopped despite crossing the border into Syria.

According to one report:

The alert came amid word that the lone remaining suspect wanted in connection with a terrorism spree — Hayat Boumeddiene — entered Turkey on January 2, a Turkish prime ministry source told CNN.

Boumeddiene was tracked by Turkish authorities to a location near the Turkey-Syria border, according to an official in the Turkish Prime Minister’s office.

Boumeddiene arrived at the Istanbul airport on a flight from Madrid with a man. During routine screening of passengers, the couple were flagged by Turkey’s Risk Assessment Center and a decision made to maintain surveillance on their movements, the official said. The official in the Turkish Prime Minister’s office would not elaborate as to when Boumeddiene was tracked to the border province.

That means Boumeddiene may not have been in France at the time of Thursday’s deadly shooting of a policewoman in Paris, as authorities originally believed. Authorities offered no immediate explanation of the discrepancy, but have said she is wanted in connection with a terrorist attack.

French authorities on Saturday asked security officials in Spain to look into the possibility that she transited through Spain on her way to Turkey, a source close to the Spanish officials said.

As has reported, there have been more than enough examples and anecdotal evidence to suggest that Turkey is more interesting in using ISIS as an armed force to further its agenda than it is in truly stopping the group. Erdogan’s unhinged desire to put a stop to what he views as Islamophobia, should make the free passage of Boumeddiene through Turkey and onto Syria highly suspicious in light of those factors.

Another highly bizarre development is the announcement that Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is participating in the French protests.

As staunch supporters of the “Istanbul Process”, Erdogan and Davutoglu support the suppression of any and all speech critical of Islam. In their worldview, Charlie Hebdo should have been banned from publishing anti-Muhammad cartoons, which is what makes Davutoglu’s participation in the rally woefully out of place.


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