A rare Muslim Zionist Qanta Ahmed Exploited By Australian TV Show

H/T Israellycool, original story was on spectator.co.uk

Qanta Ahmed is a Doctor and author who runs a program in Israel with Hadassa hospital and has no problem with Israel. It appears the segment producer and her colleagues behind the scenes tried to sabotage the interview by using negative images of the wall/barrier (set up to prevent suicide bombers) as well as the child victims of the Gaza war.

While the interviewers were on the whole fair, they however asked questions more about the conflict than the program she runs which is not what she was expecting. It is just so sickening how the media are so biased and at every turn try to twist everything to be negative on Israel, and the terrorists get a pass when they attack Israel but when they attack Australians, French people or anybody else that are not Israeli/Jewish they are called terrorists but when they kill Jews they must have a grievance and are called militants.

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