German Chancellor COURTING Pro-Nazi Muslim Brotherhood While Calling for Tolerance

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is doubling down when it comes to betraying her nation and siding with the descendants of Hitler’s Muslim allies. As if calling the anti-Islamization PEGIDA movement racist and attending a rally in France with terror supporting leaders like Mahmoud Abbas and Turkey’s Prime Miniser Ahmet Davutoglu wasn’t enough, Merkel is attending a Muslim Brotherhood rally to show her opposition to the PEGIDA protests.

In the name of tolerance, Merkel is standing with a group whose history includes an alliance with the Nazis. In this video, Arzu Merali talks about Merkel’s decision to stand against PEGIDA. Merali is often featured on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website (h/t GWP):

According to a report by The Guardian, Merkel is standing with Germany’s Central Council of Muslims, a Muslim Brotherhood group:

Angela Merkel is joining a Muslim community rally in Berlin to promote tolerance, condemn the attacks in Paris and send a rebuke to Germany’s growing anti-Islamic movement.

“Hatred, racism and extremism have no place in this country,” she said in a speech earlier in the day. “We are a country based on democracy, tolerance and openness to the world.”

The vigil at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Tuesday evening is organised by the Central Council of Muslims in Germany under the banner “Let’s be there for each other. Terror: not in our name!”

The ceremony is starting with a wreath laying outside the French embassy, where the ground is covered with flowers, candles and condolence cards.

The wreath is made of coloured pens, a symbol of freedom of expression in honour of the 17 victims of the attack on satirical paper Charlie Hebdo and subsequent bloodshed that shook France last week.

Once again, Merkel is siding WITH Nazis in the name of standing AGAINST them.

Hitler meets with Muslim Brotherhood leader Hajj Amin al-Husseini

Hitler meets with Muslim Brotherhood leader Hajj Amin al-Husseini


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